Does he really like me? or is he using me?

okay...i like this guy and yesterday I was with him in his bed, and he started kissing me...well got it pretty heated up but we stopped before it got really "serious". he said he liked me for a long time. He kissed me, lifted up my shirt, and was kissing me pretty hard. Then he told me he had to talk to me. He said " I have a girlfriend, just so you know". WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?1

Thank you so much guys!


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  • Hes liked you for a long time, but wants you on the side for fun.

    Hes cheating on his girlfriend with you- not okay. If he did that with her, he's going to do that to you too.

    Somewhere in his mind he rationalized that it was okay to cheat, so you need to really look at if that is someone you want to be with.


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  • It means he has a girlfriend and he is cheating on her with you. If he breaks up with her and dates you, there's a strong possiblity he will do likewise with someone else. Bottom line: he is using you.

  • He is just cheating on his girlfriend. It is a simple as that. He told you he liked you to hook you in and get your head going like it is, he wants you to be a person to look for if/when he an his girlfriend break up Just as others have already stated, if you date him, chances are he will do the same to you.



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  • usin you!

  • Whatever...he's not married. I'm just kidding. Sort of. You should tell him that if he wants you then he's going to have to dump his girlfriend unless you like being the other chick.

    • But then there's a chance he might do the same thing to her... (break up with her when he finds a new chick)... which I'm sure she doesn't want to happen. So basically like everyone else is saying, she's being used for sex.

    • I was being facetious. lol She shouldn't lower herself to being the other woman. Who would like being the other woman?

  • it means he wants to cheat on her with you. I guess he wants to know if you're down with it.

  • He wanted to let you know that he has a girlfriend to see if you would be OK with being his side chick. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Whether this goes any further depends on you and on him.