Are we just friends or is she interested?

Signs that makes me think were more then friends:

She will glance over at me and hold the gaze and when I turn she will either keep the stare with a smile or look away quick and down with a smile. Laughs at every joke or nything I say that's funny. She will touch my arm or touched my leg when I was cold started to rub it to make me warm (I know that sounded very girly but to me its the Antarctic in my class). She will always say my name to get my attention when she comes into class (college). She always gets there after me and sits next to me. We flirt a lot. Poking back and forth with one another. She gave me her number with out me asking. Asked to do stuff. She introduced me to her friends. Good body language and always interested in what I have to say.,

Now the things that throw me off are as follows:

When I asked her to hangout she would say yea and then the day would come and either she was busy wit work or something else. The first time I invited her out I actually had to cancel on her that night due to some friend issues. The third time we got out of class early I asked her and her friend if they wanted to grab food and she said she couldn't cause her friend had to go to work in an hour, (but we got out early like 30 min. She now has started to ask about my friend who is 3 years older then us. Asked me to ask him about her.

i tried moving on. And I did until last class where she asked out of the blue y I dn't invite her out nymore, I responded cause you always cancel on me "flaky", she laughed and said that she was busy those times I asked (BS in my opinion)

I don't understand this girl, I ahve been in relationships b4 and I've always been able to tell if a girl was interested. This girl is showing all the signs that she is into me, but then she contradicts those signs with actions like not hanging out and now askin about my friend. Someone explain to me what is happening and what I should do.


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  • All I'm going to say is that sometimes actions don't speak louder than words. She really could possibly like you and that's the worst part that's you can't know for sure. I know that for me, I sometimes look at flirting like an art. Its terrible but I like to see guys fall for me because its so hopelessly easy. I know I hardly admit this because its awful and I'm the type of girl guys hate, even though they don't even know I'm doing it. I actually recall touching guys legs and arms like that just because that's me and I know they go crazyyy about it. The guys I do it to though I'm usually interested in, but sometimes its just a habit and I'm not even the slightest bit interested. From what I'm thinking, she's interested in general. She's interested in you, your friend, that kid next door, the cute substitute teacher, whatever. She's not slutty she's just a girl. We eye guys like possible suiters, possible boyfriends or for some, hookup opportunities. if we do find that ONE guy we forget all the others instantly and because as vulnerable as eve r. we are changed completely and ALL our energy goes towards that one guy. If she's being flakey and indecisive its because she's stilll in the "generally interested with all" stage. doesn't mean your not special it just means she doesn't want to put all her eggs in one basket, you know what I mean?

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      Yea I get what ur saying. Usually for me if a girl turns down my offer more then once, I'm done and move on. I guess I haven't asked her out on a date the three times I first wanted to hangout with her and my friends and get to know her better outside of class. I don't know if that messed things up and left some mixed signals, but I think I'm just going to be blunt and ask her what she wants, tell her I'm interested in getting to knw her better. C where it goes frm there that way I knw where we stand.

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      You're a terrible person. lol.

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      Steph this is the best answer I ever read.u got the point that most can't describe it exactly.wooow steph.this happened to me :((