Can I get him to chase me again?

So I met this guy one night at a party and he persistently tried to get me to hang with him for over 2 weeks after that. Despite me being busy and not really making time for him, he chased me big time. Texting/calling like twice a day. Finally we hung out for practically an entire weekend. Messed around a little bit but no sex (i'm a virgin). Now, he still wants to hang out and stuff and we still talk at least once a day but he's not chasing me like he used to. Doesn't call really at all and he seems to not care as much ( although he still texts just to say hey and wants to hang out).

I think it's because we messed around a little too quickly although he knows I'm pretty innocent. How do I rekindle this? Can I get him to chase again like he had before?


Most Helpful Guy

  • this has nothing to do with you messing around, chances are he is seeing too little of you for the effort he is putting in. he is feeling like its a wasted investment of time and effort.

    the only way he'll get "back in the game" is if you chase him.