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Can I get him to chase me again?

So I met this guy one night at a party and he persistently tried to get me to hang with him for over 2 weeks after that. Despite me being busy and... Show More

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  • this has nothing to do with you messing around, chances are he is seeing too little of you for the effort he is putting in. he is feeling like its a wasted investment of time and effort.

    the only way he'll get "back in the game" is if you chase him.

What Guys Said 3

  • Trust me. Guys don't like chasing girls that much. If you really like him give him a change and see what will happens, but know his intentions. If you like him don't push him back.

    But if you really want to make him chase again I doubt there is much to do. Then my advice would be lay off a bit make him want you but that would be just stupid in my opinion, because in the end it might just make him give up.

  • *chakes his magical 8 ball* '' My sources say no ''

What Girls Said 2

  • Make more plans with your friends and while you are with your friends don't text him until he texts you.

    dont call him till he calls you.

    and when you and him hangout just give him a hug goodbye and a kiss on the cheek.

    that will show him that he can't always get what he has gotten.

  • I agree with the guys. Chase him a little. But the chasing won't last trust me.

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