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Does he like me or just want a hookup?

so this guy found out I thought he was cute and he said I was hot so he started talking to me online. I don't know how he got my sn cause he didn't... Show More

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  • Comin' from a guy in college, it's actually funny to see that he does all of that. I do exactly the same thing. I get in these stupid little tussles with this girl because she's always being standoffish/tell me she's awlays busy. So I finally bugged the crap out of her one night while I was in my chem lab telling her that when I got out of class I was going to a party and that she should totalyl come and that it would be mad fun. Sometimes being annoying helps. Nevertheless, she came out with me that night, and we had fun drinking and sharing some good laughs as pong/ruit partners. Just text him, tell him what you're planning on doing, and find out when he's free to hang out, and make it an emphasis that you want to hang out. This way you can find out about him to see if he just wants to hook up or take thigns further. Judging by what you had to say, if I just wanted a hook-up, I wouldn't waste my time fighting and constantly texting some girl just to hook up. sounds like he wants to really hang out and get to know you.

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  • I reckon he sees you as a hookup. He keeps ditching you at the last minute and stuff so I reckon he's usin you as a hookup.

  • Sounds like he doesn't even know what he wants so he's keeping you around till he figures it out. You two definitely need to talk and stop playing these little games.

  • Babe honestly this guy sounds like a bit of a player. You need to set your ground and let him know exactly how it is. If you like him, let him know. Probably better saying it alone face to face or over the phone instead of text or msn. It might get out there. But there's no harm in letting him know. He then knows how he stands with you. If he still doesn't put in any real effort and continues to ditch you I would say his not worth your time.

  • This boy of yours has another girl that he's dating and he's playing you. Every time he ditches you it means that he's seeing her or another girl. The first time he ditches you, you tell him to go take a hike because you're not putting up with any of that b.s. Immediately block his calls so you don't have a weak moment and call back because if you do you will be cutting down your self-esteem each time.

    I'm in my 30s and I've seen it all. Reading your post reminded me of college days and how easy it was to buy the lies of a cute guy in those days. When you know all the games you'll find the Right Guy.

  • you should talk to and get to know him and then you will know if he really wants you as a gf, otherwise you will never know. I just assume guys want that but if he proves to you he isn't that type of guy when you hang out then that would mean he's into you

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