Does he like me or just want a hookup?

so this guy found out I thought he was cute and he said I was hot so he started talking to me online. I don't know how he got my sn cause he didn't get it from my friend who talks to that was kind of weird. but then we started talking and he kept asking me to hang out all the time. we only hung out twice during the summer because our schedules didn't match up. but we talked all the time and he would always ask me who I one day I finally told him I had a little crush on him. and he said well I think you're hot and he didn't know if he liked me yet because he didn't know me that well. but we decided that we were going to hang out alone more and see what happens. we never did. and we got into a fight because I heard he said some stuff but he said he didnt. so then we didn't talk and I would see him at school and he would stare at me but never talk to me. one day I asked him to hang out and he told me he couldn't but that we should hang out soon. then that night he texted me while he was a little out of it.haha. and then the next day he texted me too and asked me to hang for the next weekend. he ended up ditching me but he said that he went to sleep early cause he had something to do the next day, which he did. so I believed him and we were good. then he asked me to hang out the next weekend and I said I was maybe hanging out with another guy and he was like he's so stupid and stuff even though he's friends with him. then he ditched me again and I had a talk with him and he said that he didn't mean to its just he doesn't have a lot of time right now and he forgets who he makes plans with and the sport he's in was getting really competitive so he had to get rest. so then we were good again. we always get into little fights but then are fine the next day. but people have asked him if he likes me and he said that he didnt. but then other people are asking me if we have a thing, and the other day he was texting me and he asked what I did that night and I told him who I hung out with and he goes oh that reminds me did you hookup with him. and I wouldn't tell him even though I did lol and he knew that I did so he asked me when it happened and what I did and I wouldn't tell him. and he got mad about it I think and I was like why did you just say whatever and he's like because you won't tell me what you did with little kid. he's friends with this kid too but he was insulting him. it seemed to me like he was jealous but I really don't know. he texts me a lot and were not really that good of friends so I just thought it meant something more. and when I text him he usually responds right away. does he like me? or is he even interested in me? or does he just want a hookup?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Comin' from a guy in college, it's actually funny to see that he does all of that. I do exactly the same thing. I get in these stupid little tussles with this girl because she's always being standoffish/tell me she's awlays busy. So I finally bugged the crap out of her one night while I was in my chem lab telling her that when I got out of class I was going to a party and that she should totalyl come and that it would be mad fun. Sometimes being annoying helps. Nevertheless, she came out with me that night, and we had fun drinking and sharing some good laughs as pong/ruit partners. Just text him, tell him what you're planning on doing, and find out when he's free to hang out, and make it an emphasis that you want to hang out. This way you can find out about him to see if he just wants to hook up or take thigns further. Judging by what you had to say, if I just wanted a hook-up, I wouldn't waste my time fighting and constantly texting some girl just to hook up. sounds like he wants to really hang out and get to know you.