Can someone help me please? I can't sleep or eat!

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. It started out as a mutual thing because he was being annoying and sarcastic/manipulative, and then a few days later he wanted to get back together (and claimed to have changed), but by then I had met someone else. I had only met this guy, though, I hadn't started dating him. Anyway, one weekend this new guy kissed me and then it happened again the next day. I like this new guy a lot, but the point is, I'm still in love with my ex. I told my ex about the new guy to come clean, and he was very hurt. Now I don't think there is any chance of us ever getting back together (I thought maybe years down the road we could reunite, but maybe not). I like this new guy, but now that my ex is out of the picture, I'm getting very nervous about whether or not this new guy will stay interested. I can hardly do anything.

Most Helpful Girl

  • How long ago did you break up? Even a mutual break up is hard to take. I just went through one and didn't sleep or eat for over a month. At some point, you have to stop and think about all the reasons why you broke up. If it was mutual, then clearly you both knew something was wrong. Just stop and think about it and you'll start to realize why the break up happened and you'll remember all your reasons. Eventually you'll get over it, but you need to take the time to get over it before you start with someone else, or it'll be a mess. Right now, just take of yourself and don't worry about your ex or the new guy. Whatever is meant to be will eventually work itself out. Just worry about yourself for now.

    • Thanks, and even though we broke up 2 weeks ago, he basically gave up all his hope for ever getting back together with me again today.

    • It's probably for the best anyway. Besides, people don't change who or what they are, especially not after a few days or weeks. He'll still be the same and in the end you will still want to not be with him.