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How do I know if he wants something more or just a piece of ass?

I have been texting this guy who I have known since we we're in the 3rd grade. We're in college now. We never hung out in high school even though... Show More

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  • Lol. It happened to me once. Haha. I don't know about this guy but I would tell you my story. So I was a shy guy in HS and I had a big crush on a popular girl. I never had the confidence to ask her out or anything at that time. Years after, like around 5 years after I found her again on facebook and contacted her and tried to do the same thing. lol. I dunno.

    • Yeah well we've been friend's ever since 3rd grade and alway's talked to each other whenever we saw each other and one random day over the summer I just asked for his number and we've been texting ever since. He never ignore's my texts and is alway's interested in what I'm saying.

What Guys Said 2

  • I don't know the answer to your question, but maybe I can help you figure it out. What more do you have to offer than a mice piece of ass? Just what else do you think he might want from you? Perhaps you are a wealthy woman and he is looking for someone to support him?

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  • well. I feel like if you're ever second guessing yourself. and its about something like him using you, then its probably not the best idea. I mean its okay, to not be a hundred percent sure. but if you have that feeling that he might be using you, you're probably right.

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