I slept with my best guy friend, advice?

And it was against what I intended to ever have with a guy friend however he kept sending me mixed signals. Initially he asked if he could date and I said yeah sort of but I don't know if I have time. Somehow I dated another guy but I had to sneak around to do so since my parents block me from... Show More

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  • What do you want from us? Put in something like "sex with guy friend" and there will probably like 500 other stories about girls who sleep with their "guy friends". Just for your information, he's not a friend to you. You may have thought he was a friend but friends don't do this to each other. So you may think you have guys for friends but really you are just letting predators into your life. It'd be like letting the front door open for a rapist to come in. You got this silly idea that men and women can be friends. Well, you found out the hard way that they can't. All he wanted was to get close to you so he could get sex. NOw that he got it, he's moving on.