Is modeling a waste of time?

Me and my girlfriend has been dating for 1 1/2 years now and all of a sudden she wants to model because she says its been her dream. I was uncomfortable with the idea but I told her to go for it since that's what she wants to do and if that what makes her happy. She has a 2 year old daughter and the pics she's taken so far is a bit too sexual and she post them on Facebook. I think its a waste of time because she joined this modeling website where people that want to be models post pics and get a chance to work with so called photographers on the website. I decided to go to 2 of her shoots to show my support but the whole time I was their I thought it was ridiculous but I kept my peace and let her do her thing. She doesn't get any money from any shoots. This one photographer seemed kinda cool. The one offset I noticed is that in the changing room the curtains were see through and I could see my girlfriend changing and she didn't no that I could see her. And this photographer makes interesting comments on her pics she posted on Facebook saying that she is beautiful, and sexy, etc.. like seriously what's up with that. I'm embarrassed about the situation and I find it disrespectful. We have been on the verge of breaking up and she's just adding ingredients to the pot. If she is willing to jump in front of a camera with lingerie, and do implied nude, its not telling what she might do. I encourage her to go to shoots by herself because if she its putting herself in bad situations knowing her past and I keep wanting to leave her so badly but I really don't have the balls to just do it..


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  • You have to find a REAL modeling agency. A lot of the modeling agencies are scams and never go anywhere. I'm a model with The John Casablancas Modeling and Career center. If you find a real one then it is worth it. Its so fun because you get to learn all these different things and you can do so many different things. Like print ads, runway, brochures, commericalls and you could actually get into the acting career by starting with modeling. Drew barrymoore, tyra banks, and Cameron Diaz started with the same people I'm with now, and they started as models. I'd recomend it if your truly committed. And if you find a legit place. Hope allgoes well!:)


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  • if she's doesn't get a paychck from it its not worth it and obviously som photographes a re creeps and if you feel that thtere is nothing left between you to get the balls to just leave

  • If she's not getting paid she should try to do that. Don't just be another slutty Facebook model. That's not even real modeling, that's just taking pictures. Anyone should follow their dreams and do what makes them happy though. If you want to leave then do it, don't just stay because you say you don't have the balls to end things. it sounds like your mind is made up so why let it linger?


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  • If she's not getting paid, it's not modelling.

    And if she's older than 25, it isn't likely that she's going to be the next Kate Moss.

    I'd say yes, its a waste of time.