She acts really nice one day and ignores me the next constantly...

I met this girl at uni. We didn't get to hang out besides in-class and then even hardly because we only really met at the end of the class. We started talking more on FB during summer break and seemed to get quite close. I asked her out once while she still had exams and she said she was busy.... Show More

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  • she sounds like an indecisive, and a real a**hole. I'm glad you can feel what's going on here, a lot of people just dismiss all that time without even knowing it.

    I don't know if she's playing games with you or afraid to love, maybe it's both. It seems she doesn't want to make time to see you.

    Trust me, they can ALWAYS find time, everybody has 24 hours in a day ok.

    I always thought when I was 17 that girl only love to have sex on weekends. until I got a little bit older.

    I had cummed on this girls face/chest/and mouth yesterday, so If THAT girl had 3 hours to spare (which they always do)

    your girls around you can too. Don't waste your precious beauiful, value time, that you will never get back waiting for weeks for a mother f***er. ok