Does he like me more than just a friend?

This guy and I both acknowledge each other as the best of friends, been each others dates to prom, have hooked up once, and say "i love you" to one another. We are also next door neighbors and the most important people (of the opposite sex) to each other. We haven't seen each other in quite some time but now that we are both back home we are hanging out every single night and I have strong feelings for him. He picks me up at night and tells me how much he missed me but I can't tell if we are both too scared to cross the line of friendship. I know for sure how I feel but can't gauge his feelings . should I dare to cross the line that I have been avoiding since we first met? Or will I look dumb if I have been misinterpreting everything all along? HELP PLEASE.


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  • You just have to decide if risking it is worth it or not, there's really nothing we can do because we don't know how you feel.


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  • He likes you but as another reader offered he's too hung up on the whole friendship gig and while hooking up could be good for both I would be cautious about raising any relationship expectations.

    Go slow it will wort itself out sooner or later.

    Good luck

  • No you won't look dumb go on and ask him he wouldn't still be around if he didn't like you or if he liked someone else. go for it .if its ment to be then great good luck Ray Us guys only stay around you girls as friends everday all the time hoping it will turn into more,hes hooked on you girlfriend go for it

  • hes afraid of the line ur the best person to cross it. also he might want to save it for college thinking ( like me) that nothing mature and lasting happens till ur late 20's

  • I say go for it. I was in a similar situation and the relief of getting it off my chest was worth all the risk. Even if you are misinterpreting things, a true friend (which it sounds like he is) won't make you feel dumb - he'll probably be flattered. Imagine if it was the other way round; would you think he was dumb?

  • i'm having this exact same problem with a girl that I like and she's my best friend as well...the only thing is it's a little less immature since we're younger but yeah...i have asked theis same question...

  • yea so much


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  • Well... it is pretty hard to tell if he feels the same because you don't give much details on things he's done to show his interest in you as more than just a friend. one question, though, has he had a relationship while being your friend?

  • thats adorable that you guys were each other's prom date!

    thats a really big favor, but if you hooked up once and said I love you.

    than that is where you went wrong because you were abusing it, oblivious,

    and young so just hope he didn't take it to heart. but yes you have to take

    your friendship into consideration thinking if it is worth jeapordizing.

    because if you make a relationship out of a friendship, things would

    never be the same unless some miracles happen that you guys

    can be friends with no strings attached. which is impossibe

    because you guys have had history. but you should ask him

    in a discreet way for his opinion of you guys being a couple

    and if its a positive answer then that should help you

    but don't rush into anything.

  • since you know know him already ask him out

    PLease answer my "is he flirting" question please thank you

  • I was once in the same kinda situation as you the guy was my best friend all my night we hooked up and one thing lead to another after it was quite weird between us but we got over it then we made it a habit of sleeping with eachother..My feelings really grew strong for him and I thought he felt the same way so continued to sleep with him! Oh but I was soooo wrong! He had always said he never really wanted to be in a relationship but I though I could change his mind and kidded myself into thinking that he really loved me turns out I was misinterupting EVERTHING! he only seen me as a friend and a good shag soo tbh I would maybe wait a while and see how he feels first.

    Hope it works out for you :)


    • Wow, you slept with him?! I'm wondering, because of this, you two never had any relationships other than the one you guys had between each other?

  • I'm having the same problem with my home boy. You should check his body language, facial expressions, and you also can tell a lot by looking in to his eyes. Your going to have to eventually tell him how you feel. If you are afraid to tell him face to face just write him a nice sweet little note expressing what your feelings are towards him, but make sure you give it too him and sure he reads the note infront of you. So you can actually see for yourself how he reacts to the note. Good luck there.

  • I'm in the same situation pretty much! Its been going on for the past 5 years. We do the same exact things you and your friend do. I still have the trouble of telling him I love him for real and that my feelings are more than what's already put out there. But I know in my case its a mutual thing. I think one night you should bring it up to him, you're already comfortable enough with him to say anything. It won't hurt your friendship, because honestly I don't even think its a friendship. I definitely think you guys are more than that. And if you truly care a lot then you shouldn't let that pass you up because trust me when I say that NO guy from this point on in your life will compare to him.