How can you love yourself when no one else does?

People always tell me that for other people to love you you have to first love yourself. But how can you love yourself when others always put you down? This one girl on here rated me a 3 out of 10 in looks : / And I'm supposed to be confident?


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  • Well... First of all you have to stop living by what other people say. So what if she said your a 3 in her book. That just means she's not into you but that doesn't mean all girls aren't. I'm sure in another girls eyes your very attractive. You have to have confidence within yourself no matter what anybody thinks because if your not than your just going to be a slave to the thoughts of people who don't matter. No offense. lol

    I'd say... Your over reacting. People love you. Don't care about what someone online or in real life thinks, you have your family and friends. And one day you will meet someone right for you!

    heads up, life is not over, be positive and love yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. Don't let little things get you down and make you feel bad about yourself!


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  • Try giving food to the needy and feeling satisfyed that you have truly helped someone.

  • It's just one girl. You will become more confident if you stop caring so much about what other people think about you. You just have to accept that not everyone will like you. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who won't put you down

  • It's extremely difficult. I have trouble with that too but you really have to stop caring about what others think and put yourself first. It's not selfish if you genuinely need the help... So if you really do then f*** what other people say and put yourself first.

    do it now plz

  • Maybe I feel content and confident because I am spiritual?

  • Dont think much about what people say about you.Some are untrue.You have to be realistic.About the 3 rating look to me its wrong.Honestly I give you 5...She said so maybe because she is honest,or just try to p*ss you off as you always ask about rating look question here.


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  • I feel ya broski. I don't know what I'm rated but it's always nice to have a positive attitude.

  • how can you love yourself when others always put you down? the way you do that is by realizing why they put you down, they do it because they hate themselves, and putting you down makes them feel better about their own lack of selfesteem, however, you don't put people down because you are a good person, rejoyce in the fact that you don't need to hurt others to feel good and love the fact that the world is a better place with people like you in it. All human beings are in the same boat, we don't choose to be born, but yet we have to somehow find a way to make it in this world, some people try to make it by putting others down, remember they are nothing special, they are just like the rest of us, no better, so don't let them get to you. Try making new friends that are positive and encourage you, and stay away from people that put you down. good luck, and that girl that gave you a 3 out of 10, she probably hasn't gotten laid in 20 years and has to take it out on somebody.

  • Weed and alcohol

  • i know what you mean

  • You become confident in other ways. Doing well in a hobby, accomplishing something in life(like graduating college, or maybe something like buying a new car could even cause it since it takes a lot of work to save for one. Also notice you said ONE girl. I've seen plenty of girls on here say you're attractive and all you need is to smile.