He always finds ways to touch me...........what does this mean?

k so there's this guy I like and whenever I see him he's always like finding ways to grab me. like for example one timee he was just like "aww its okay" and he put his arm around me. and one timee we were playing playstation against each other and my head was on his sholder and I was winning so he took my contolller away from me so he would winn we were laughing and stuff butt I don't think he likes mee

sooo... what do I do, what does this mean


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  • Definitely likes you.


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  • kino escalation. the touching involved are subtle hints that a guy likes you!


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  • he likes you :P

    trust me.

    • But my friend (whos a girl) askd him if there were any girls and he said no

    • I dunno. I think he wouldn't tell your friend because most guys are shy about that and he probably doesn't want you to know and he thinks your friend will tell you.

      im no guy but I know I wouldn't want my hands on someone I didn't like at all :P