Why is he being mean to me?

so there was this guy in my class I thought was cute. so I felt confident and added him randomly on Facebook. to which he asked if I was creeping on him, lmfao. he's the smarty pants/wise *** type which intrigues me cos I hate those type of people but yet I find them so interesting. anyway, I took up his offer to help me in class (even though I didn't need it), and we talked and we found a couple of things we have in common. so we text everyday, and talk every class, but it's usually some silly argument debate on who's better than who that goes on FOR DAYS. and I have no problem calling him a smartass and he always asks why I'm "hating" on him or his greatness and I respond with something about mine. really petty fighting. a couple of days ago, it got really heated, and I actually got angry, so I stopped talking to him that night and the next day, he creeped up behind me, stared at me while he was one the phone and I just impulsively said hi! since he startled me, and he just kept walking past me on the phone. so I was like okay wtf, we're going the same way. and in class he apologized for it as soon as I walked in class saying "it was about school matters" and I was like ohhhkay, whatever. and kinda just blew him off most of class and he kept trying to get my attention, getting me to put my head up, still trying to pick little bickers with me, staring at me and I just acted aloof. at the end of class, he was like "lemme know if you wanna study, okay?" and I was just like mm okay. and he texted me a couple of hours after class asking why I was so quiet and I just said I wasn't feeling well. and he just said ":( well lemme know if you wanna study" and we just kept talking after that, and ever since, but still play bickering. he mocks what I say and always has to make a point to say he is so smart or somehow better than me and when I stop bickering with him he's confused. I just wish he wasn't so douchy


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  • Wow (: Big text.
    There should be one main thought: What do YOU want? If you like to date him, do it! I think he could have the same problems like you. He doesn't know how to act.
    If you're like, "I want him", try to date him. Else you will suffer with the questions, if you might had a chance. The guy keeps interested too: He texts you emotions about you, talk to you etc. He won't do this if he doesn't like you. I would advise you to do what you feel you want to do. If he says yes to a date, great, if no, well, then you know that there is no chance.
    And to de the feeling about him, just try it and talk to him, say that you don't like it, if he makes you feel like an idiot. (:


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  • he likes you, he just has no experience yet as to how to flirt, so ask him at some point, if he is flirting with you, he will respond no, but then reply, oh, because if you were, it would need to be a lot nicer than calling me thick lol" this way he will realize he needs to be nice to you, and his behavior will change towards you, he will still be a joker, but a nicer one, but he really does like you and this is his way of flirting,x

  • Okay you two argue. Great. People will think you're married.

    • why do guys do that?

    • My wife put it clearly and honestly today. Guys hate to be wrong. We'll either argue sometimes until we're right or proven wrong without a doubt.

      Stubborn? Yep.

  • i only read the first few lines, and once again...

    bishes love "jerks". see "nice" guys. don't treat them like people. they like to be treated as shet...


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  • You do appear to treat him badly

  • I think he might like you! Or he's at least trying to flirt with you, he definitely wants your attention, but you take him very literally and think he is being an a**hole. But he really isn't an a**hole from what it sounds like. I think the wiseass type is kind of sexy if he actually is smart. I love flirtatious banter.