Why is he being mean to me?

so there was this guy in my class I thought was cute. so I felt confident and added him randomly on Facebook. to which he asked if I was creeping on him, lmfao. he's the smarty pants/wise *** type which intrigues me cos I hate those type of people but yet I find them so interesting. anyway, I took... Show More

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  • Wow (: Big text.
    There should be one main thought: What do YOU want? If you like to date him, do it! I think he could have the same problems like you. He doesn't know how to act.
    If you're like, "I want him", try to date him. Else you will suffer with the questions, if you might had a chance. The guy keeps interested too: He texts you emotions about you, talk to you etc. He won't do this if he doesn't like you. I would advise you to do what you feel you want to do. If he says yes to a date, great, if no, well, then you know that there is no chance.
    And to de the feeling about him, just try it and talk to him, say that you don't like it, if he makes you feel like an idiot. (: