Why do you think a guy like him would be locking eyes with me? I need your help guys!

here's the deal : I'm a freshman year student and HE'S certainly older than me! I saw this guy very rarely each time in the street ,he's a beauty king!and me NOT! so I was wondering why do you think a guy like him would be locking eyes with me for a while? why did he look back at me once he had crossed the street that day? why did he look at me when I was with my sister although they share the same age and MUCH prettier? why did he look at me when he was in his friend's car ,he leaned over the windshield to finally lean slightly his head? I freaked out and walked away ! I'm not used to guys looking at me instead of the bombshells beside me! I thought that maybe he was just trying to show his friends how he could play me like a toy! I don't know I'm confused ! I don't wanna talk about it but I can't help it , he's always running through my head and I don't even know his name ! it seems so irrational! HELP


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  • Maybe your more attractive than you think :)

    So far I've assumed the girls I've liked where too good for me and I was too ugly for them but now I'm finding out through this site that they probably did like me. So maybe your having a similar experience


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  • I think you're being to hard on yourself and in comparing yourself to all these other girls you've begin to pick yourself apart and let all those beautiful parts escape your veiw. Most likely this guy likes you because he sees something in you that he doesn't see in any of the other girls walking with you. Give him a chance to see what he's actually playing at and if it's nothing more then trying to get your attention then just relax and go with it. Next time you see him staring at you why don't you toss him a wave or a smile and see how he reacts =D Good luck!