Is my girlfriend depressed/sad "on the inside"?

Hi, I've been with my girlfriend for a few months now, and after listen to the things she says, and how she acts, I've been wondering if she is sad... Show More

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  • Honestly, I think you're feeding her insecurities by saying it's a-ok when she's really not. We girls get dependent if you let us. She seems to be in the process of "finding herself" but not knowing how... but she is getting there, because people will take a good look at their lives when they're at their lowest point and reassess. I know because I did this back when I was 17 and on the verge of not graduating hs. I started focusing on myself more, because once you learn to love yourself then you can start learning to love others. Now I am the happiest and nicest 20-yr old you will ever find. I'm attending a university and applying to a pharmacy school soon... and my life cannot be any sweeter.

    When I was trying to "find myself," my boyfriend left me alone for a couple days and told me I was smart enough to know what I should do. Lol and that's obvious, because only the PERSON knows what is actually wrong and to find ways to SOLVE them.

    I was failing my honor classes, so what did I have to do to graduate? Put in the effort every night to go to adult school - and I graduated hs on time. I was broke because I went out so much - so I spent more time working instead of going out to save money. My parents were always mad at me - I swallowed my pride and apologized for my rebellious nature.

    You have a problem.. you find a solution. Easy as that.

    If she likes kids... get a tutoring job or whatever, maybe she will find her passion. That's sad that her parents vacation without her; tell her to come visit them more often and patch up the bond (bc there is no greater bond than family). You get the idea. Hope it helps..