Does he want to go out with me?

So this guy, more than one time wanted me to ask him out. Now you might be saying will go ahead and do it. The problem is he already has a girlfriend. I know what you're thinking he's a 'Player'. Now that's not what I'm asking. It's always like "If I told you I'm single now, what would you do? Would you ask me out?" Now Today he was like "If I ask you out, would you say yes?" I said "I don't know, you have a gf" He said "Well, how do you know we're still together, maybe we broke up" I was like"I'm assuming you guys are still together" then he said something about assuming is for losers or something. Eventually I answered with "Maybe I'll say yes or maybe I'll say no" Now does he like me? What does he want exactly? More than once he mentioned that "We should hang out sometime" Is he just making sure that I'd go out with him so he'd break up with his girlfriend Because if I wouldn't he doesn't wanna be single?