Why is he becoming distant towards me?

Hi guys okay so my ex is my first boyfriend and we went out for 5 months, then we broke up, then we started talking again and then another situation happened and we didn't talk again (it was his fault) then out of no where he calls and ask for his friend, later on when we started hanging out he admitted that he was really calling for me and not his friend. since we been hanging out, things were going good and we even discussed many and many of times that were going to get back together when the time is right. He just enrolled into school and he wants to focus on school and getting himself together. At first I was mad, but realize I can't be selfish, so we continue to hangout out, even though we are not committed, I still treated him as if he was my boyfriend and he did the same. we tell each other that we love each other and I feel that he really does care and have feelings for me, but recently we were on the phone and he started off by telling me how much he really "liked" me. Wf? then he said he will continue telling me later. I ask him in person or on the phone, he says in person. ugh! that confused the hell out of me! AND on top of that he's became very distant, less texting, less calling, having major side conversations while he is on the phone with me, tells me he going to call back, but doesn't. I'm am sooo confused, I accept what's happening, but still confused. I was there for him, and gave my heart to him once again and we both have a good time when we hangout. I feel that he cares, but why is he acting like this when things were going soo well? He even said things are going soo good? CONFUSED! Please help, my parents already gave me good advice, but I would like to hear other opinions, ideas, and advice, so please respond to my message, I would really appriciate it! thanks!

love finecute