Hack into my girlfriend's account?

Is it wrong to try and get into my girlfriend's facebook account and see what type of messages she is receiving and sending?

I fully trust her, just lately she's been talking to me less.
Okay, she openly showed me what she's doing. So I'm done worrying.


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  • Put yourself in her shoes. You wouldn't her to look into your account for any reasons ... it's an invasion of privacy. Now this is a trust issue. Who do you not trust? Yourself or her? Do you think she isn't trust worthy after you have gotten to know her? Or did you make the wrong decision in starting a relationship with this person? You're going to have to put more trust in either, your decisions of who you choose to be with, or believe in the person that you are with. Now there is a difference in thinking if you made the wrong choice or if she turns out to be the wrong choice for you.

    But you are never going to know unless you talk to her about it and trust in her. But usually in a relationship, I'd give it a little bit of time to see if she starts acting different after you talk about whatever is bothering you. Like, ignoring you or paying a lot less attention to you and disregarding your feelings. Then I would just assume that she is not the one and make my decision that way. But if you start acting different w/out talking to her, then she will know if something is up.

    • I fully trust her, just the one night got on my nerves. She was messaging him all night, and it took longer then normal to get back to me.

    • It kind of sounds like she feels as if she has to push herself away, in defense of what, Idk? But how long have you dated, and does it feel as if the chemistry is fading? Maybe you guys feel like, inseparable before, and now she needs a lil independence?

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  • I don't think its wrong I get into all my husbands stuff and he gets mad and I don't care if he gets in mine. My opinion if they don't have anything to hide why would they care.

    • Just be careful if he like to surprise you and you find out what a surprise is through a message. Like if I told my friend that I was planning on taking you somewhere romantic as a surprise thru email, and you found out. I wouldn't go thru w/ the surprise!

  • No it isn't. I would love to see what my boyfriend is doing on myspace and facebook....oh wait..i don't have a boyfriend but if I did...yeah.

  • First of all YES IT WOULD BE WRONG!!!!!!! Haven't you ever heard of trust? I mean if she is your girlfriend you should trust her.....unless you have a reason not to. No matter what though don't hack into her account.....she could find out (cuz girls are smart like that) and she would most likely break up with you. With no trust there is no relationship.

  • Well if you trusted your girl you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that..she might take it as you don't trust her and lets face it, a relationship never works without trust.

  • Yes it's wrong. You apparently have lost some trust in her. If you want an answer just ask her. She should be honest and just tell you, especially if she is not hiding anything.


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  • I think it's wrong wrong wrong. It's still her personal privacy, and you could ask to see what she's sending and receiving, because asking always fosters more trust than sneaking behind their backs.

  • Naaw, leave it alone...nothing good can come from this if she finds out...

  • Man you should have just done a hackitforme on her. Really man you never heard of those guys? its hackitforme.com if I rememberz correct

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  • INSECURITY on your part bro! yeah it's wrong!