Why do we need to label people?

Labels are for soup cans. Instead of calling a girl a slut, why not just say she has been with a handful of people sexually? It's a fact, but it doesn't label her. Why not call those "emo/goth/punk" people just people that wear dark clothing, listen to a certain type of music and like to be left in solitude? Why instead of calling a guy a player, can't we just describe him as a guy that enjoys women and getting satisfaction but just chooses not to settle down just yet? Same goes for any other label you can think of. Society is just f***ed up.


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  • Good question.

    Why do we need to label people?

    We don't need to but that is how society is and I think the more we become advanced, the more labels there are. Society is becoming increasingly more individualistic so people are quick to label themselves or others as whatever they want. It's funny how that works because if people are becoming more individualistic then labels should be abolished and we should learn to look at each other as individuals.

    I hate labels myself because of different reasons. A lot of the time they say nothing about the person. A person shouldn't be described by their skin color or religion. It just gives the people who are filled with hate an excuse to hate in bulk.