Why do we need to label people?

Labels are for soup cans. Instead of calling a girl a slut, why not just say she has been with a handful of people sexually? It's a fact, but it doesn't label her. Why not call those "emo/goth/punk" people just people that wear dark clothing, listen to a certain type of music and like to be left in solitude? Why instead of calling a guy a player, can't we just describe him as a guy that enjoys women and getting satisfaction but just chooses not to settle down just yet? Same goes for any other label you can think of. Society is just f***ed up.


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  • Good question.

    Why do we need to label people?

    We don't need to but that is how society is and I think the more we become advanced, the more labels there are. Society is becoming increasingly more individualistic so people are quick to label themselves or others as whatever they want. It's funny how that works because if people are becoming more individualistic then labels should be abolished and we should learn to look at each other as individuals.

    I hate labels myself because of different reasons. A lot of the time they say nothing about the person. A person shouldn't be described by their skin color or religion. It just gives the people who are filled with hate an excuse to hate in bulk.


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  • They aren't really labels, you know. Slut is an insult, player a warning; goth/emo/punk etc. is an ethos. Those who hate will attack those they hate, regardless of a society with or without labels. And those that identify do so willingly; Punk was a movement, Emo a scene. You dig? I hate the insults, dig the ethos, but I agree it can be taken much too seriously. They're all just adjectives - adjectives are just who you f***.

  • Labrls are for everything the human mind evolved this way everything has a label, like a hot pan you dony touch a hot pan because it hurts and I don't need to take time out of my day to figure out if that particular hot pan does infact burn like the rest.because most likely it does, same with labels really you see a meth head you know you don't really need to know much more about them to infer a lot of other things about who they are or things theyve done

  • Why use euphemistic language? Stuff is what stuff is. Call it what you will, it doesn't change facts.

  • Tbh, humans naturally label everything. In fact, psychologically, we like being labeled too (usually). Even labels we don't want to be, we still feel like we have a place in this world when we can label ourselves. That's on reason there's a huge deal about incest. Not just the genetic problems, but when you get to the level this one case my sociology teacher told me about when he worked at a non-profit support organization (forget what) and this girl came in. Her dad was also her grand dad, great grandad, and I think even great great grandad. And he was abusing her. So get that, he screwed his daughter. they had a daughter, he screwed that daughter, that one had a daughter, and so forth. As you can see, it was horrible for many reasons, but one of her psychological problems was she had no idea what she was. Was she a daughter? A grand daughter? What was her mom? Was that her sister? etc. Labels aren't bad tbh. But if you don't like a label, change it. If you're a slut, so be it. The idea of labels being bad is entirely subjective. I don't use slut as a negative for the most part, But if you're a slut, don't bitch if someone calls you that. If you don't like it, change it.

  • I try not to do that (label I mean) and I don't use the term "slut"...however...that is all our language is: a bunch of labels for nouns & verbs..so it comes naturally & easily...even if it's not right.../:

  • It's a lot easier. Plus it's helpful especially in the online dating world. All you have are words THEY chose so you need to think of a mold they fit. You do this up to a certain degree.

    If I'm getting the creepy vibe of some 'girl' from a online dating site. I'm out! Lol

    Also, I want to add I am guilty of judging/labeling people too. I am trying to help myself but its really hard especially when judging comes naturally.

    The labels I refuse to put on people are the disrespectful ones. Like sl*t wh*re and others like that.


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  • They're all derogatory words. When people say them, it's ment to be an insult. If someone agreed with a player being a player, they wouldn't call him a player.

  • You're never going to abolish labels because people will always be quick to judge others without getting to know them first. Labeling someone is quick and easy, you don't think twice about it and it probably happens at an unconscious level sometimes. Actually getting to know someone's character takes time, so why do it? That's society for you.

    I choose to ignore labels.

    • I agree with you don't even think twice about it. It just happens on a subconscious level.