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How long does a girl's interest last?

Ladies, when you are interested in a guy and you do those subtle things you do to when you flirt with him and let him know that you're interested in... Show More

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  • Not long to be honest. Maybe a week if I see him consistently. If he's not biting at all after that I assume he's definitely not interested or too timid for my taste.

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  • The time varies depending on the person. I know when I was younger I have months for a guy to make the move. Now I give about a couple months, depending on where I am in my dating situation. Because if I am single, I am going to try to make some moves myself. If a guy does not take a hint or show interest, I be pinning for him forever. There comes a time when a girl has to move on if a guy is not showing that he is interested. I don't think anyone, whether guy or girl would want to wait forever for a guy she is interested in, if he/she makes no sign that he/she is interested in her/him too. I know that sounds kinda harsh, but everyone wants to find someone, and when the current situation is not working sometimes you have to find someone new. It doesn't mean you can't still make your move. Maybe talk to them. If you are still interested there is no harm. I know I have gotten emails from guys who I went to high school with. Now they only want to hook up, but I guess they liked me back then too, but never made a move. But now I am in a relationship, so its not going to happen with them :P Plus they only want sex and I want a relationship.

  • How long? it depends on the girl and how strong the attraction for you is. However, being accustomed to jerks and shy dudes... if it takes him more than a month to ask me out it means A. He's a looser. B. He's just not that into me. So wasting energy or time thinking about him is a huge waste of time when there are other guys I could be dating. So my advice is don't waste more than a month.Also ask more girls out... I know the male ego is fragile but ask girls out without expecting them to say yes. If they say no... big deal and move on to the next. Eventually you gain practice and eventually more and more girls will be willing to go out with you.

    • the male ego is fragile lmao...i don't think any one likes rejection. why the hell would a guy ask a girl out if he didn't expect her to say yes, that's just stupid

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    • thats dumb, just be confident man. don't go asking a bunch of chicks out just cause you're desperate. find a girl you like, be a cool guy, and if you want to ask her out, do it...and be confident she will say yes

  • I'm the type of girl who stays interested in a guy for long periods of time. The longest I've liked a guy was 5 years :P I usually give up if I learn something about them that is a huge turn off for me or if I just figure out they simply have no interest in me (although in this situation the interest might carry on a few more weeks or months until it fades). Most of the time if I feel that he might possibly like me back, I will spend more time hoping and waiting for him to confront me.

    • That's good to know that this varies from girl to girl.

    • I hope it's the same with guys though, cause I would assume they move on more quickly.

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