What do girls like to hear from guys?

hi girls

can you help me

and tell me

what you like to hear from us ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • That I will look pass the face that is portrayed to the world and see the real inner beauty that lies

    within .

    I will not judge you by looking at how small your waistline is or look at what you have achieved or failed at.

    I will be there to comfort you and listen to your problems even when you don't feel like talking.

    I will be grateful for the time we spend together and how you allowed into your own little crazy world and loved me back

    I will accept you just as you are.

    That I will try my best to love you and even if it doesn't last very long , that in the end I will make the right decision for us both and limit the amount of pain involved.

    I will be the man you deserve to be maybe not forever but who knows really?

    I don't need a guy to say these things to me , his actions should speak louder then his words.

    * that is sort of what I am like expect I have issues with trusting people and tend to hide my world away from any guy. I don't really have an answer to my own problem but I know that along the way I will find the right guy to be my boyfriend , maybe for a month heck, maybe a week ? But at least I will know at the end of it , He respected me and did his best to treat me right.


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  • I like being told I am beautiful, and knowing they mean it. It makes me feel amazing. He calls me hot and sexy, but hearing that I am beautiful and gorgeous means a lot more.

    Whenever I do something quirky or that I am embarrassed, I like when he says he loves when I do it.

    When he says I have beautiful eyes or a beautiful smile, or when he says he loves when I look sleepy or walk around in his shirts.

    I like feeling special.

  • Anything you actually mean, & are not saying, just because you think its what you want to hear, is fine- BUT, Having a reason for saying it & knowing that reason is better.

    i.e. I want to hear truthful things,honest things coming from you, that you want to tell me, because they are true , because you have a reason to tell me, because you know why you are telling me, and because you mean what you are telling me.

    I'd of corse do the same towards you.

  • I like it when my boyfriend calls me beautiful, cute, and gorgeous.He tells me I'm the most beautiful woman in the world to him, everyday he tells me and I never tire of it,lol.

    I don't like being called hot or sexy, unless it's my boyfriend who calls me that.Otherwise I feel it's a kind of rude compliment.''Hot'' or ''Sexy'' are the kinds of words you use for a girl who is scantily clad, covered in makeup, and quite frankly easy-looking.

    I don't take it as a compliment, it's more of an insult.

  • Honesty.

  • The stinkin truth :|


    Honey I made you some toast with nutella =)

  • We like it when guys mean what they say, not just say what we like to hear!

  • Appreciation is all we need from you. Actions speaks louder than words.

  • it depends on the girl... if she wants something like a relatinship then she wants to hear that she is fun to be with, intelligent, and pretty ...

    if she is just flirting then she wants to hear that she is sexy, hot, dances nice...

  • "i m rich and own a small greek island"


  • Once a guy told be the most nicest thing I ever heard from a guy. I got a new hair cut to impress him but it didn't work out. But my hair was always ig in my face. And I pick it up. In a bun and he said I really like your hair up! And I look at him and said why he said so I can see your beautiful face. I was so.. speechless. I barely said thank you.

  • Stick to honesty which is not hurtful. This is as succinctly as I can put it; if you want a long term relationship that is.

  • tell me you care

  • I'm not a girl who loves a ton of compliments, but I dislike it when a guy will say things like "Hey sexy" or "Hey hottie." It makes me feels cheap and objectified. I would much rather be called beautiful or pretty or cute. But the highest compliment any guy can give me is a compliment on one of my talents.


What Guys Said 8

  • The euphemised (is that even a word?) truth.

  • that they have a big vagina, and it looks very inviting. Lure me in please thanks :D

  • Im not a women, but I can give you one word to work with. Just tell the TRUTH, it works every time.

    • Depends on the girl, some can't handle the truth. But for me this is true.

    • They won't get to the point of handling the truth if you keep LYING, now will they.

  • "I have a giant penis." or "I am rich."

  • Make me a sandwich.

  • You might want to avoid honesty. Giving girls honest answers is what put you in a situation you're in now where you had to turn to girlsaskguys for help.

  • Definitely that you have no STDs

  • Contrary to what the guy before me said, you have to LIE your ass out.

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    • agreed. just don't get caught!

    • okay okay, maybe I was too harsh on you keserthorpe

      heh excuse me I can be an ass sometimes