Signs that a shy guy likes you?

Me and a male friend have been talking very often, (a few hours almost every day) and some people say they can see the connection there. Problem is, he's too shy and sometimes I feel like I'm getting mixed signals. Are there any obvious things that a shy guy does when he likes someone?


Most Helpful Guy

  • i guess he does make sense, in that if a shy guy doesn't seem interested he'll just take on his reputation and not talk much if at all. again that's probably for most shy men, not all shy men are like that though. I know for me, that even though I'm too shy for my own good that, it would be rude even if you aren't interested to not talk to her, I mean she's at least making an effort to talk to you, ya know?, why be rude to her and not talk back, not only does it not look good to you and her, but she may tell her friends about you (whether its good things or bad things).

    as far as showing I'm interested, I think I'd just go ahead and flirt the normal way a guy would, in fact I have, being shy doesn't mean you have to be silent all the time, just means when you meet someone new you don't know what to say, right away... this one girl I asked out (who said no...because of a current boyfriend at the time) was easy to talk to after I met her because we had the same interests so I was able to talk more once finding that out.

    find something common between the two of you and really go into detail about it, it may get him to open up and show he's interested which should lead into other topics, and such...