He acts interested but sometimes doesn't respond to me, why?

This guy I used to work with for a year starting talking to me after I left, he said he tried to talk to me before but I didn't notice, he said "a beautiful girl like you, how can I not notice" I had abf at the time so that's why. I left the job and now 5 months later I'm going back. Thing is when I left the job was when he started talking to me a lot more. I like him now and I told him I wanted to get to know him he said " then hopefully you come back :)". But he's confusing because we don't text very often anymore, he stopped responding every time, he will tell me he will talk to me tomorrow and then doesn't. I don't text him a lot, about once a week. The last time he didn't respond I didn't text him for almost 2 weeks later. We don't live close so we never went out, but we will be soon...does it seem like he's interested and I'm just not around, and once I'm there he will show more interest, or is he not that interested at all? I like him, I'm not expecting anything out of this., I'm just confused by his flirting and then not responding...or am I over thinking and he's possibly a busy person?


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  • I think you fed in to far by the serenade...i think you should hold out and when he does respond let him do the talking us guys allow certain conversations to just talk them selves out into something that sounds agree able but not yet truly take a depth thought into it (no offense) but let him do the talking and honestly see where the guys head at and see if it matches up to who you are and your moral standards if not you could cut your loose ends at start on another epic adventure or just let it play it self out and party in the process...


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  • i believe he might be interested . but it is hard to tell seems like the same issue I'm going through with a woman.


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  • 'don't text him anymore, make him miss you. If a guy knows you really and honestly do like him he will take advantage of that and always make you second option. guys love a chase and so far it sounds like you're chasing him.