Would you commit suicide if you were going to prison?

Would you hang yourself with your bedsheets if you had no other options to escape the torment?


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  • I don't think so. I've already tried and failed to hang myself once. That gave me a huge appreciation for life. Yet, prison life is all about stripping the mind and soul from it's beauty...so it's hard to say if I'd rather go through that and come out eternally f***ed up or die.

  • No. I wouldn't.

  • I wouldnt. I'd just ask for a screening of Escape from Alcatraz (:

  • i think the better question is would you commit suicide after you got out of prison

  • prison isn't torment unless you have the death penalty... some people actually don't mind it because they make friends in there etc.

  • No...I doubt prison would be that bad. I would make it until I got parole or my sentence shortened.

  • Probalbly I wouldn't want to become anyones bitxh

  • no,that's the easy way out. if I really felt bad about what I did-i would do the time for the crime. if I felt that I was innocent-i would fight. either way-i wouldn't kill myself.

    • i'm talking about prison,when you do a crime and kill yourself-it's the easy way out,you don't pay for your crime

    • It's easy for you to say that suicide is the easy way out if you've never been through something painful enough to make you not want to be in your own skin. But for a lot of people, suicide feels like the only way out. So don't be so judgmental.

  • Nope. That's the weak person's way out. I'd go to prison, hope to get paroled, and work on becoming a better person. That's like surrendering, because the world isn't making things easy for you. Weak.

  • what did I do! ha ha if I killed someone I would kill myself.. but if I was going for like a year or so I wouldn't just deal with it get out and be done with it.. 10+ years I'm out.

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  • Are you nuts?

    • Life's fulla choices

    • i would. Why is that crazy? You think id wanna get gang raped? id rather die.

    • Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you implied you'd rather kill yourself than go to jail for some period.

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  • Absolutely not. I'd try to get the best lawyer I could and appeal and/or get out early on parole for good behavior. You only get one life to live, why take it short when there's still more to it?

  • thats a one way ticket to hell my friend..

  • Nah, sheets are too drawn out. Bullet to the head would do the trick.

    • Well before you go. But that's a good question, since you're in custody during your trial and constantly until you're in prison. Hmmmmm maybe pick a fight with the riot police in prison?

    • where are going to get a gun in prison?