Why do girls find men in uniform sexy?

I've always wondered why girls find men in uniform attractive (eg: Cops, Firefighters, Marines, [...]). So girls, why's do you?


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  • 1. because the uniform says they are doing something with there life : )

    2. its a fantasy... to be naughty and have sex with someone we're not suppose to...

    • Honestly I don't find it so attrative...to me its how the person carries themselves.

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  • i agree with the anonymous girl under me and I have to add that they just look sexy in uniforms

  • Maybe it's an authority/power thing, or also that it kinda automatically makes them into a hero/knight in shining armour type ready to sweep you off your feet and rescue you hehe :)

  • honestly I don't find it attractive, instead it makes them seem all serious. I like guys in casual outfit better.

  • i think that the uniform gives the impression of the man being a protector and woman like to feel safe. also to be in that line of work have to be disciplined, not to mention quite fit :)

  • lol because they are sexy! haha its in our genes to find men in uniform attractive. There's just something about a man in uniform-all just stereotyping though.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Well not only does it show that a guy does something important with his life, and a uniform is stylish which makes him look handsome which compared to how little effort most guys put into looking good makes him stand out as if he was Batman.

  • looks don't matter its about what's on the inside

  • Predictably. She knows his income and can budget her excesses.

  • Most of these jobs are dangerous, so there's a chance the man will die and leave some money behind, and the woman can move on to the next victim.