Why do guys treat girls like s***?

Some guys treat us girls like s*** why is that.


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  • The reason some guys treat women like crap is part your fault and part your parents fault. Lets begin with you.

    The reason guys can be dicks to women is because you women only make love to dicks. Now, before you get mad, answer these 2 questions:

    1. First off, would you actually date a nice guy?

    If you answered yes then...

    2. Can a guy be to nice?

    If once again you answered yes, you just found the answer to your own question.

    Now, like I said before, the other part is your parents. Everyone has had this happen. It all starts when you were a kid. You were playing in a public area (School, the park, day care center, etc.). All of a sudden, someone of the opposite gender comes up to and starts being mean to you. You cry and run up to your parents, most likely Mom, and tell them what happen. Then, they say something like this:

    "Oh, honey, he's/she's just picking on you because he/she likes you."

    That is where your fragile little brain gets the idea that the more cruel someone is towards you, the more they like you.

    Hope this answered your question. God bless you.


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  • Because they are assholes

  • It's just there nature, some guys are assholes. Here's the thing, most girls are attracted to confidence, they like a man that can take what he wants and not p**** foot around. Most of the so called "nice guys" aren't very confident so they get ignored while most assholes are confident thus get the ladies but in the long run treat them like shit.

  • Because guys who treat women well get nothing, while guys who do get a lot of free advertising, not to mention action.

  • Women are attracted to testosterone. "Bad Boys" display certain behaviors that are associated with high testosterone such as aggression, cockiness, and a strong desire for sex (which women interpret as a strong desire for them specifically, although any woman will do). Women view nice guys as displaying behaviors such as niceness and being considerate as signs of low testosterone (unmanly). Many guys pick up on the obvious fact that the guys treating women like sh*t are the ones getting laid the most, therefore previously nice and considerate men choose to join the dark side and get laid as opposed to continuing to be nice and considerate and not getting any. When women say they want a nice guy, they are talking in terms of a long term relationship. But when it comes to sexual attraction, the bad boy is what turns them on. They often will put up with a bad boy, hoping that they can change him. Once a woman has matured she realizes that she can't change the bad boy, and is better off just settling for a nice guy. She will , although, continue to be sexually attracted to high testosterone behavior and bad boys throughout her life. The nice married guy will be oblivious to this fact though, thinking that he is the man because he got the girl. All the while, his wife will be sleeping with her bad boy personal trainer. Nice guys lose even if they have the girl. They just don't know it.

  • The reason is you and your friends are only dating a$$holes. You girls would never admit it, but most of you love these guys. You get the "excitement", the drama, the emotional break-up etc... You can cry in groups, cajole, and enjoy great sex with them too.

    Since most women can't think beyond next Tuesday, they don't go for nice guys who invest, save, work hard, get college degrees and stable jobs, who don't drink, smoke or use drugs. They go for the slobs, druggies and future convicts, because there is a thrill in that.

    You girls will go for the nice guys when you've past your expiration date, and need a provider to raise your three kids with the convict (see the show Dexter, minus the serial killer part :D)

    I am listening to Tom Leykis because I'm sick of being nice and being treated like sh*t. I want to get laid, and my whole experience has severely lessened my esteem for women. I'm going to start treating girls like they want (aren't I generous), and see how that works.

  • I know a few girls I could introduce you to, lol. They are queens of treating people like shit.


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  • Because that was the example they had growing up.

    Because someone told them it was ok to behave that way.

    Because they are insecure and only care about how they feel and not how the girls feel.

    Because it makes them feel powerful.

    Because they don't know any other way to behave.

    Because some members of society expect men to behave that way and excuse their behavior.

    Because they were abused and only know how to show love by hurting the ones they love.

    Because it's easier to be an asshole than a thoughtful, caring individual.

    Because that's just the way things are - thank goodness there are a variety of men to choose from.

  • i know more girls than guys that treat people like shit all depends on the person

  • Different reasons; but some girls do the same thing to guys.