Why are women so damn mean nowadays?

I only have guy friends because even as a 22 year old male I can't click with no other girl but my girlfriend she's the only woman I trust outside my family but why are women so mean you can't approach a woman with her biting your head off


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  • whether they're women or men, there are just lots of mean people everywhere around the world.


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  • People can be mean in general. If you approached guys (not in a gay way, but to be friendly and talk to them as a guy) they'd probably not be interested either. It's best not to approach people unless you see them giving you nonverbal signs of interest. People can feel bothered when you just start hitting on them unwanted attention

    • Unless of course, you're just giving them a compliment and walking away. That way, it's not as if they're able to shut you down..and you're able to walk away knowing you made them feel good, and you get to feel good that you made them feel good

  • Because men are such a**holes nowadays. It's true. Every man you make eye contact with WILL hit on you, and many will not take no for an answer. They think they're such hot stuff. Women always have to be on their guards.

    Also, the way you're talking to them or looking at them provokes a certain response.

    • So much generalization going on here

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    • The point that all women are bitches? Or when he called me a bitch? If it's the former, get your head out of your ass. We haven't time for this bullsh*t. If it's the latter, I'll try not to lose sleep.

    • You answered a question about why women are mean by launching into a tirade about how men are "a**holes" with massive egos and zero interpersonal awareness across the board. In short, you are the very personification of feminine meanness to which the OP was referring. Since I had to spell this all out for you, I'd tell you take your own advice and remove YOUR head from YOUR ass.

  • If you'd made it so people could post anonymously, you'd likely have gotten some interesting answers. But this way, you may not get total honesty.

  • "Hey sexy, how you like yo eggs in the mornin'? I like mines fertilized. Heh heh."

    ^ That's why.

  • That's why I prefer most guys as friends to be honest, I like only a few girls, but they're more tomboyish than girlie to be honest.

    I've found that many girls are judgmental, not all, but many and I think it's a way of being strong/cautious of who they trust, thus when a man approaches them they guard themselves. Sometimes they simply come off as cruel, but to be totally honest, I don't completely understand it myself because I'm the opposite in where someone approaches me, I'll be nice, if I pick up you like making joking comments just to act like an a**hole, I'll make them back, but never mean them, it's sort of a light hearted banter.

  • One reason is because women have to be far more cautious than usual. All across the news etc there's far too many stories about everyone in danger and ofcourse every guy isn't the same, but ultimately...men can be viewed as a threat. Especially if a man works up the confidence to confront you, it can be intimidating.

    Another reason could be that perhaps you come off sarcastically, because a lot of women don't have a problem being a jerk if a men begins the conversation unintelligently. I've seen men approach, people like my mum (yeah it's sad to watch) but if they come up with a cute cheesy/stupid thing to say hoping to spark conversation...she shuts them down hard. I personally feel that most women appreciate a man who's straight forward because it leaves us wondering less in our mind what the hell you guys are trying to get to :P we constantly think and if you give us too much time in our heads, it could go wrong. Good luck. I hope this helped haha.

    • Women like you mom have proven my point point

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    • That's wonderful to hear because I would've never given such a p**** boy the time of day anyway. You're all piss and vinegar saying all women are mean because YOU lack the courage to approach them. Instead you choose to post something with this level of idiocy and bitch and moan about everything people posted. Why don't you and your anti-social Girlfriend go crawl back under the rock you slithered out from? Do the world a favor and keep to yourselves. My time is better spent elsewhere than on you.

    • Cool story

  • Sorry that you haven't met a lot of girls who have made you feel otherwise. I have several close guy friends and I love them to death.

  • Guys and girls can be mean. So I'm sure you are correct when you say some girls are mean. However, maybe you are just an overly sensitive person and you think girls are being mean when really they aren't? Maybe the girls think you are hitting on them, so that's why they come across as standoffish? I know that if a random guy starts talking to me, I'm not going to regard him as my long lost friend and shower him in politness. I'd probably give him an indifferent, polite answer and that's it. I think you have sensitivity issues personally.

  • Im not mean :D

    • Whatever you say (sarcastic voice)

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    • @whitney_cummings Why are YOU so interested in each of the women's responses and why are you even trying to speak for the guy who posted the question? He has a mind of his own and can reply to everyone here with out you speaking for him.

    • She couldn't answer the question. She's not mean, so she doesn't understand why mean girls ARE mean. And from this convo, it looks like the QA is the mean one. Since he made her :D turn into a :(

      Perhaps THIS is why women are mean to you, QA?

  • I'm a girl, and I don't mind it at all when a guy approaches me in public, even when he's not my type I'll stay friendly.


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  • I know, and we ain't s'pposed to beat em no more.

  • That's why I hardly approach a women because they are like how you describe. Unfortunately it makes it harder for the girls that are not like this and I feel sorry for them but I have to protect myself. Some women think men have it easy, they sure don't.

  • because women are paranoid creatures

  • That is why I have stopped all associations with women period. They are all rude, evil, bitches. my mother is the only one I would trust. I'm 33 and have had nothing but bad experiences with ladies. They are the enemy and have been since the end of time. Like TylerDurden said, we don't need them. Since Eve they have been an abomination to man, Satan in its purest form. Men you can be nice to them, mean, or indifferent only to be burned in the end. It will happen somehow, don't even go out of your way to try and have a friends with benefits sit. you will still end up disappointed. They are the enemy and want to see us all sitting down to pee, while they take over your lives. Its not wort it, I'm attractive, nice, have a decent job, and no drama, but always end up being made the bad guy and alone, they are all f***ed and I will be happy by myself for the rest of my life with my actual friends. Guys get out now why you still have your money and soul. Get your self a sh*ton of guys pissing on girls p*rn and be happy and wealthy forever.