Ways a guy touches a girl?

This I guy I like, he likes me also but every time is touches me or grabs me its always in a hard way. His very nice a kind of shy but I want to know what does it mean when a guy uses pressure when he touches the back of your neck, shoulders. He gave me a hug once that was so tight I couldn't breathe, it was the first time we hug but after that he doesn't do it as tight before. Does that also determine how the guy will be in bed also?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He is just a little inexperienced and excited. In time he wil learn gentle touching and hands brushing against you will be just as exciting. I get a warm fuzzy feeliing every time it happens with woman I just met. Hmm, the excitment of touching and rubbing a woman you just met(of course if she consents) it terribly exciting when it happens. its also etremely sexual and right in front of everyone, the fun part is only you two know how warm and sexual you are feeling. no one has a clue.

    Very warm and eroticer and umm, a nice way to get to know someone new. Its right up there with full blown sex, I love it. My general feeling is "warmness". again, I love it soo much.

    Whoops sorry for ranting there. My imagination kinda wandered off.