Ways a guy touches a girl?

This I guy I like, he likes me also but every time is touches me or grabs me its always in a hard way. His very nice a kind of shy but I want to know what does it mean when a guy uses pressure when he touches the back of your neck, shoulders. He gave me a hug once that was so tight I couldn't breathe, it was the first time we hug but after that he doesn't do it as tight before. Does that also determine how the guy will be in bed also?


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  • He is just a little inexperienced and excited. In time he wil learn gentle touching and hands brushing against you will be just as exciting. I get a warm fuzzy feeliing every time it happens with woman I just met. Hmm, the excitment of touching and rubbing a woman you just met(of course if she consents) it terribly exciting when it happens. its also etremely sexual and right in front of everyone, the fun part is only you two know how warm and sexual you are feeling. no one has a clue.

    Very warm and eroticer and umm, a nice way to get to know someone new. Its right up there with full blown sex, I love it. My general feeling is "warmness". again, I love it soo much.

    Whoops sorry for ranting there. My imagination kinda wandered off.


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  • To answer your question he is going to be just as over eager in bed if you don't start training hi. You hears me, I said you have to train him.

    Next time he does a bearhug on you that's really tooo tight, just giggle and say "hey honey, your going to crush me" then back off a little bit and touch his chest, then move in gently. he will get he idea and I am sure he wil have a big smile on his face and more importantly, he will learn.

  • he probably likes you genuinely and I bet he would be good in bed too lol. I do something similar with a girl that I like

    can you go answer my last question?

  • he must not know how to hug a girl, maybe he thinks ur just one his buddies, you know, hugging you that hard... yeah I mean mild touching can mean he likes you, but 1 sign isn't enough, you know?, making you laugh, smiling a lot while you're around him, even just him trying to be around you WHENEVER he can (part of the whole chase thing, you know, make ur self unavailable to a certain point so that he can "chase you"), shows he likes you

    • He he always makes me laugh, and he always use to ask if I had a boyfriend. He would get jealous if I talked to a guy he wouldn't say anything he would show in a certain way. When we useto worked together he would always stare at me but he never looked away if I caught him. His just very shy but at the same time not really.

    • But yeah mild touching could just be a form of friendship, I know I can touch my friends, and not them have any feelings toward me (cause were not gay of course)

  • He seems to be a little over-eager to me. Just look him in the eyes, and in a sexy voice, remind him to be gentle with you. He probably doesn't have much experience with girls so he needs to be trained a little on what you like and what you don't.

    To answer your other question, yes, it may very well indicate that he will be a little rough in bed, so make sure you get through to him now that you prefer him to be a little more gentle, before he gets set in his ways.

  • Adolescence is a funny time for guys, for some years after puberty; it takes some time for guys to realise and regulate their own new found strength. Just quietly remind him that you're not one of his pals, and not to be so rough.

  • He seems quite interested in you. It just looks like he doesn't know how to handle girls. May be in the excitement he puts too much pressure, but he should not be so hard. May be give him hints to be more gentle.

    Regarding how is he in bed, this doesn't tell anything about it. And don't worry about it at this stage as other things are way more important like how he behaves, how much he cares for you etc etc.

    As others have said, you can only tell how good (or bad) he is in bed when he is actually in bed. :-)


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  • Generally I'd say it's impossible to tell for sure how a guy will be in bed based on anything besides how he is in bed.

    However, it's important to make sure you're comfortable with every stage of your physical relationship, even if it's only friendly. If the way he touches you scares you or makes you uncomfortable, you should convey that to him. But, as long as it doesn't make you too uncomfortable, I'd say that he probably just doesn't have much experience being physical with girls.

    • It doesn't make to uncomfortable when when he hugs me, touch the back of my neck or, back or my shoulders. Maybe he doesn't have that much experience with girls but I know he was in a long-term relationship that ended really badly. He hasn't dated since, he only acts like this with me he isn't like that with other girls.

    • Sounds like he might just kinda like you and has a slightly misguided way of showing it. I wouldn't read into it or worry about it too much.

  • Er, it sounds as though he wants to get really, really close to you.

    • Yea maybe, we know each other for six months and we've been talking on the phone for almost three months. We never talk about anything sexual, he always seems uncomfortable when someone brings anything sexual he would usually go away. His obsessed with video games and he loves to work also. His a really good guy, I just don' t don't understand the way he touches me.

  • I have a guy friend and we flirt all the time and whenever we hangout he holds on to me tight and firm. Personally I really like it. He is very built like an in shape football player and to me it's sexy and manly. I always think what sex would be like with him because of this! Freaking Hot : )

  • probly just wants to get in your pants hun