How should women share their feelings with men?

I've been reading over various questions about the different communication styles of men and women etc. there are several questions where someone will ask if men prefer women to be honest about their feelings and most often men say yes they do. then on the other hand there are questions about... Show More

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  • Good question.

    Read this article to get some good answers:


    • Thank you for the link. the article is helpful but also a bit disheartening as these differences in communication styles seem very hard to overcome. it almost seems like a better idea to just avoid the topic of feelings altogether when speaking with men so as not to cause stress and conflict. I don't know that I could learn to communicate like a man since I've had so much time to learn to communicate like a woman that it has become instinctual.

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    • That link is very helpful!

    • " I think women can cause themselves a lot of trouble by falsely believing that every feeling is worth discussing at length. Men can learn from opening up, but women can learn from sucking it up, too."