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Girls with mostly guy friends?

How does this happen? Why don't they date any of them... or did they?

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  • When I was single, most of my friends were guys. I had girl friends too, but I hung out with the guys more. They were all like big brothers to me. And I had more fun around them. Guys are more simple, and they don't start drama. I never hooked up with any of them, or dated any, but after awhile of hanging out and becoming close, some have fallen for me, which then made things really complicated. And which kinda ruined the friendship. Not just between me and the guy, but for the whole group. I know, it's stupid, but it happens, and it's happened to me a lot.

    Now that I have a boyfriend, I've quit hanging out with guys (well the group kinda drifted apart anyway). I do it because I don't want to cause any more problems, and because I know it bothers my boyfriend -- he doesn't believe that a guy can be bestfriends with a girl without falling for her some day.

    I do have a male bestfriend, whom I've known for a couple of years now. We are like brother sister. We used to hang out everyday, and talk alot, but since I started dating, we've lessen the hanging out, etc, but we are still there for each other when we both need someone to talk to or a true friend to run to. He understands the situation. And I respect his space with his girlfriend. It was sad at first because we thought our friendship was over, but we realized it was just our lives that changed, and our friendship is still the same, and is still growing.

    • I wish my girlfriend wa smor elike you. its not so bad when her other guy friends have g/f's. but when they are single, and leave comments on her FB like " I want to take you bowling and tell everyone how hott my date is". kinda pisses me off, and then I'm the bad guy for being controlling, like wtf, all I said was itbothered me and hoped that maybe she would react like you did and not want to see him out of respect for me.. instead she says I'm telling her whop she can and can't see.. WTF!

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  • I have a lot of guy friends---to feel safe---to learn from what guys what guys want---to potentially find a guy I like---but usually I don't date my guy friends...we hang out, we do crazy sh*t, we go out for drinksbut I don't see myself hooking up with any of them and I really don't know why, just haven't tried and I guess it's because I don't want to ruin a friendship ^_^

  • i think guys are just more chill. I feel just as comfortable chilling with the guys as I do hanging with the girls. but guy friends have different qualities than girls so I like to have both around. here at college most of my friends are girls, but back home, I hang with my boys because they're more down to earth and it lets me get away from all the drama that come with girls and college.

  • With me I did date some of them and the others I may have hooked up with once a long time ago. There are some that are strictly friends and nothing more. So personally, my guy friends are made up of all types of relationships. I just like guys better than girls.

    • So why do you keep them around? Do you like being around men? What would you expect your ideal man to think of all your guy friends?

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    • I have come to realize I am more attracted to women who have mostly guy friends... I mean I don't know it at first but when I get to know them, I realize ok another girl with mostly guy friends. I just don't know if these girls have a track record of dating guys and then dumping them in the friend zone. Trying to avoid that one. lol

    • I'd like to think I have a track record of getting along so well with my exes that if it doesn't work out between us we can still be friends.

  • I hang out with all guy friends and I grew up with mostly sisters and girls are always in thier moods so I hang out with guys to avoid the drama, and it has worked. With the few gfs I still have left they're all fighting and in some drama just like I would expect from them. But, I do like one of my guy friends and I would give the world to be with him but, I'm not exactly sure where we stand right now...

  • well I have more good guy friends than female friends because girls are too emotional/whiny/dramatic for me. I grew up with brothers so I'm more used to having male company than female company, and my sense of humour is very much like a guy's, so girly girls tend to be put off with my jokes and stuff. even my good female friends are more tomboy-ish in nature. sure some of my good guy friends have had interest in me before, but once we got past that, the friendship was as solid as a rock. also, arguments between guys resolve faster. girls tend to brood over it and it's so annoying.

  • I get along better with guys than I do with girls. It seems easier to talk to guys and just hang out, less drama. I personally haven't dated any of my guy friends, and probably wouldn't. Keep it simple.

  • I love my guy friends, they just make sense to me. I've always been closer with guys than girls, and needless to say, I fell for a few of them. But its kind of to be expected, its how you get through it and decide what to do next that really defines your friendship. All my best friends are guys and I really wouldn't change it for the world. I have the best ones in the world, anyway =)

  • Much of my life I've had lots of guy friends but my closest friends have been girls. Right now almost all my friends are guys because I've met them at shows where they've mostly played [I had moved and I'm not going to school this year to make any friends there.] A couple of them I have hooked up with and they were obviously only initially friendly because they were physically attracted to me and I became to "like" them that way but they're not into the whole dating thing right now, just the hooking up.

    Some of the rest I've at least had a crush on but I'm not exactly sure what they've thought or do think about me. They've never asked me out or try to kiss me but I suspect that some of them were initially friendly because they think I'm cute or pretty [which is what I get told a lot.] But many of my guy friends are just that - nothing but friends.

    Also I kinda agree that girls have more drama and gossip more but I know a few guys who are into gossiping and do get into drama.

  • Well in my case at least, most of my friends are guys because guys are easiler to get along with. Girls that I've become with always spread rumors about me, rather have other friends with them etc. But the guys have never done thoughs things to me so I like to be around them. And sometimes I'll date one, but only if he shows interest first.

  • i have more guy friends. they are easier to get along they don't talk sh*t like girls. they are funny and outgoing. finding a girl friend is hard because they bring drama=[

  • i have always had more guy friends than girl friends. guys are easier to talk to and they don't go around telling my business to everyone or their best friends like girls do. I won't date my guys friends mainly for the simple reason of if it went bad and I wouldn't want to ruin the friendship or make it awkward.

  • I have a lot of guy friends and the subject of dating just doesn't come up between us. (most of the time) I think its my sense of humor that's more similar to a guys and girls can be annoying. But I'd say only 50% of my friends are guys. It just seems like more because I like spending more time with them.

  • yeah...im one of those girls. well I don't have all guy friends its almost balanced but the guy side definately powers a little bit. I personally have a lot of guy friends because their like 5 million times less dramatic when I hang around girls all the time I go crazy because a lot of the girls around here are very dramatic. I don't date any of them because it could make things worst in the end. but I am really good friends with my ex. I think it just means a girls either A. looking for some attention or in my case B. just more down to earth.

  • Guys can be easier to read, and easier to deal with. They a more straight forward, and less of them play silly girl games, though I've met a few who have. I like people who say what's on thier mind, for the most part.

    Plus guys can be less uptight. And less stuck up. and as a female, there is none of that natural competitiveness that can be found within each gender. I dunno... generalizations, but it just seems that way to me through experience.

    I never have, and never would date a guy friend.There's a boundary crossed and there's no going back.

  • yeahh I agree with what everyone is saying.

    girls cause too much drama among their own group of friends, which I hate a lot. I just want to hang out with people and have fun that's why most of my friends are guys. I never dated them and I am never planning to date any of them. I just think guys are more straight forward with everything and it is more relaxing hanging out with them.

  • good question. I have mostly guy friends. I haven't dated any of them, but I've hooked up with one while drunk and it was awful. The rest of them are not attractive to me, so there are no romantic feelings between us. The reason most of my friends are guys is because girls are too flaky and read into everything. Girls are more judgmental and I don't like that to be around me.

  • i just find that I have more in common with them...i love sports and talking about cars..and I'm not really into popular culture, make up and pink and glittery things. girl talk is fun every now and then but when we start to over analyze what guys say or do, it starts to get really annoying (e.g. he said hello instead of hi...he normall says hi to me what does it mean?!)

  • Ivalways had more guy friends than girls and really truth is girls don't always get along with each other. Guys are cool to talk to and really its just easier.

  • I've found that guys are more chill and forgiving. I like to drink and when I go out with the guys they're all down. If I say stupid sh*t or act like an idiot it's no biggie. With my girlfriends, they get so offended. They feel like they have to be a 'babysitter' which is ridiculous, they hold grudges about the situation, etc. Also, maybe this is just a personal thing, but I've noticed that guys are more willing to hang out in large groups where girls are more cliquey. I've found that my girlfriends will often disclude me from a lot of outings for no other reason then they like to keep their group to three or four people yet my guy friends will invite as many people to hang out as possible and have more of a "the more the merrier" mentality.

    • I know! girls really don't like the group thing. which is kinda weird. and it usually convinces me that guys must just be more fun. but I'm kinda wondering now, how can there be so many girls that think the same thing I do but yet I don't know any of them?

  • Somehow, I always end up being the little sister...

  • This actually depends on the girl herself.. but me and like 3 girls are friends.. we are eachothers only girl friends. Everyone else in our groups or group are guys. 2 out of four of us, have hooked up with the guys... at one point or another. the other two, me and my friend, have never hooked up our guy friends. I mean what happens personally for me and my friend who do not date them, is that either a. we are not remotely sexually attracted to them to begin with.. or b. we may be but the friendship is such a bond that unless it were an instant marriage proposal..we don't want to cross that line and risk "drama". lolol I mean we also being their friends know when they cheat or are a*holes to girls etc.. so yeah.. there's major precaution.. as far the two girls who have hooked up with the guys, its usually not serious at all.. its probably an intoxicated hook up, but not really a date. More of a I thought I had a crush.. etc.. who knows.. but in the end they end up dating other guys and not even being tempted remotely of who they may have hooked up with in the past.. if that makes sense?

  • The girls they might have been around could have been excessively mean to them and so they might have taken refuge with guys that's what happened with my roomie. Most of her friends are guys, it doesn't bother her or her boyfriend who isn't part of the bunch. The guys she hung around are the same ones she knows from high school. the girls in her high school were excessively mean to her so she just hung around guys most of the time.

  • nope. not me. I get along more with the guys than girls. I only have one girl frend and she's my bff. but the rest are guys. I had a little history, you can say, with one of them, but nothing serious. me and my friend, like to be the only girls. we feel ganstresss. lol. jk. nah, but for real, having too many girls in the group is nothing but DRAMAAA!

  • One of my best friends is my ex boyfriend... I have lots of guy friends,aswell as the girls... And my guy friends never expect me to dress up like other guys might,just feel very comfy around them.

    • Why some girls only have guy friends?? Because the are insecure and can't compete with real women! Hahaha!

    • HILARIOUS. Except not really... Some girls just have more guy friends just because they do. Our group is a mixture of both. And real women? Believe me... They can compete.

  • Thats easy...

    I grew up around all guys. You are way easier to be ourselves with expecially if we are really outdoorsy and athletic which is more a guys thing then a girls.

  • My reason! with guys there usually isn't any/or less drama, girls tend to be moody. guys just go with the flow and usually just want to have fun. There just easier to be around.

  • I enjoy hanging out wit' my guy friends. Its just that there's no romantic feelings for each other, purely friends...

  • I...can't...stand...(most) girls.

    To the point to where I can't even stand myself sometimes for my girly-girl tendencies...haha

    I've never dated any of my close guy friends, and probably never will...the bond I have with them is almost like a borther-sister kinda thing, so I would be weird I guess.

    And it'd be a waste of a great friendship should a relationship not work out.

  • Well, guys tend to be less dramatic with things. You can be yourself around them more. I myself have tons of guy friends. I don't date them though. I try to stay away from dating guy friends. Girls can tend to be a bit more dramatic, and can judge easily.

  • I only have guy friends because girls cause drama. My guy friends are so laid back and not in to drama. Just like me.

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  • I don't necessarily disagree with all the responses here, I mean I can definitely see why girls would prefer male friends to girls. Less drama, less jealously, and less hassle. But I'll say this. It's very very odd that a guy will stay friends with a girl for purely platonic reasons. Most males won't admit to this but they do stay friends with girls for a specific reason, one way or another.

    This could be because he has a crush on her but he can't bring himself to admit it, so he stays a "good" friend or becomes so by his "good intentions". Then the idea of friends with benefits definitely is a possibility if you have girls as good friends. A drunken night or a vulnerable night can lead to that. Another reason is that having many girls as friends or at least men believe that having so will lead to more chances of a hookup.

    Now I know some might disagree but I have yet to see a really good guy friend who has no ulterior motives. In fact, girls, if you were to be brutally honest for a second and ask you guy friends if they really harbor feelings for you; you'd just might be surprised by the answers. My ex had at least 30+ "good" male friends before she met me, and more than 20 of them later admitted to wanting to have slept with her or liking her after we got even more serious and they spent less time as friends.

    The most recent girl I dated also had her childhood male friend confessed as well. That's 15 years of waiting. The point is girls, is that it's really unlikely your male friend is truly wanting to be just that... a friend. I'm not saying they have bad intentions or their bad people in general, I'm merely stating the practicality.

    • I don't totally agree with guys being this way but I do agree that that's the way some guys are.

      I even have a guy friend that, though he admitted that he and a mutual were going out for a couple days about a month ago and he still has feelings for her, I suspected that maybe he also has a crush on me. Well recently one night he sent out a text saying that everyone whom gets it gets to ask him one question and he has to answer honestly. Well I asked if he has ever had a crush on me and...

    • He wrote back "...honestly sort of...I mean you are super cute..."

      Also he's been totally on my side for some things recently; it's too bad I'm not physically attractive to him at all...

  • its pretty to easy understand how it happens considering girls don't easily get along with each other like guys do with other guys.

  • I have a friend that is exactly like this! She is one of the guys and seen all the sh*t girls or they do to each other and just don't want no drama. When girls are around guys along time they pick up what not to date easier then girls that have barely any guy friends. Tough luck to any tom girl you might be interested it

  • Some of the guys they get validation from, some they might be having sex with, others may fill an emotional void, etc. Different guys for different needs. Beware women that have mostly or all guy friends. There are definite trends and red flags with those kinds of women.

    And the wild part, they all say the same thing...that they're just friends, that the guys don't think of them that way (being attracted), blah blah blah. We all know guys that are friends with hot women will bang them in a heartbeat if ever presented the opportunity. With that kind of threat being held over your head why put yourself through that kind of grief?

    • You're treading on thin ice there haha. Some of the most modest, considerate and genuine girls find all or most of their friends to be guys. I have a few more guy friends partially because of horrible experiences with girl friends. What red flags do you see?

    • Personally, I've found that much of the "niceness" and "consideration" I see (from guys and girls alike) is only done to get something back in return, whether it be attention, validation, or a quid-pro-quo expectation.

      That orbiter link summarizes a number of unabashed agendas of both guys and girls. A girl that knowingly keeps around a bunch of guys with agendas is at fault herself for those decisions.

  • Girls don't know what they want. And they think its weird to date one of their best friends cause they see you as a "brother" instead of a "lover" lol.

    But I really see no problem with it, I actually think its better to be friends with someone first before dating, that way you have some sort of connection with that person... You know?

  • A girl with virtually all guy friends rings attention whore alarms in my head. She's probably not an idiot and knows that many of them are just trying to (or previously tried to) work it from the inside. If, in spite of all this, she still keeps them all around and doesn't have many girl friends...attention whore seems a likely answer.

    She may have very well have dated some. Attention whores are awesome at getting guys...they just don't know how to keep them (since they adopt whatever standards/personality of the guy they're dating).

    She may also just be incredibly guy-like in her communication modes and interests. Even then, many other guys will probably still be more guy-ish and make more compatible friends for other guys.

  • I know a lot of girls who have mostly guy friends because they say "Girls are all bitches. Any girl friends I've had just were too much drama." I actually know a lot of girls who avoid being friends with girls except in special cases.

    • Because the girls don't feed their ego, take them to dinner, give them a shoulder to cry on, etc. Basically girls don't take shit, but often all their guy friends worship the ground they walk on. Of course they'll say the girls are catty and would rather be friends with guys.

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    • @Nutz76.

      I agree.

    • @Nutz76:

      My guy friends don't worship the ground I walk on, or take me to dinner, or things like that. I just can relate to them better because I'm not interested in clothes and hairstyles and shopping as much as other girls are.

  • They did date them.

  • From the girls that I know that are like that, it's basically they say they can't stand all the drama of the girls. We don't stat drama.

    • You're mostly right. I do know, however, some guys who get pretty dramatic and gossipy.

  • Well they probably have a lot in common with those other guy or maybe they are just more in touch with their mascilen side. Like maybe they enjoy sport and since not a lot of girls do sport they meet a lot of guys and then become friends. But she probably just thinks of them more as friends then as people she wants to date.

    Hope that helped.

  • okay so I have this new girlfriend of about 2 months so far and we have actually fallen in love...and she has a lot of guy friends who text her all the time and stuff and ask her to come party...one day I brought up that it bothered me a lot and that I don't text girls and stuff she says I'm being controlling if I say she can't do that cause she would never do anything with them...but I thought that if she knew that it bothered me why do it? I mean cmon everyone gets jealous I think...like myself have some girl friends that I don't talk to as much anymore cause I knew it might bother her I don't know what to do I need some advice

  • i know this answer! lol

    its because girls don't want to deal with the drama and plus girls get a lot more jealous easier

    like lets say a guy calls up on of his guy friends to hang out and he says no (end of story) but if a girl calls up one of her girlfriends and wants to hang out and she says no oh man forget about it.

    from my experiences the girls usually over analyze and think the worst and start to get jealous cause maybe they found a new friend to hang out with

    • Lol! I agree with you. If one of my guyfriends is away for a few days and I forget to call him to see if they are okay because I am busy, they don't over analyze it. But if one of my girlfriends is away for a few days and I forget to call because I am busy, she thinks I don't like her anymore. I told her I was busy with studies and she said I expected you to call you are not a good friend. Now I am sick and she still hasn't called. hahaha..

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