Girls with mostly guy friends?

How does this happen? Why don't they date any of them... or did they?


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  • When I was single, most of my friends were guys. I had girl friends too, but I hung out with the guys more. They were all like big brothers to me. And I had more fun around them. Guys are more simple, and they don't start drama. I never hooked up with any of them, or dated any, but after awhile of hanging out and becoming close, some have fallen for me, which then made things really complicated. And which kinda ruined the friendship. Not just between me and the guy, but for the whole group. I know, it's stupid, but it happens, and it's happened to me a lot.

    Now that I have a boyfriend, I've quit hanging out with guys (well the group kinda drifted apart anyway). I do it because I don't want to cause any more problems, and because I know it bothers my boyfriend -- he doesn't believe that a guy can be bestfriends with a girl without falling for her some day.

    I do have a male bestfriend, whom I've known for a couple of years now. We are like brother sister. We used to hang out everyday, and talk alot, but since I started dating, we've lessen the hanging out, etc, but we are still there for each other when we both need someone to talk to or a true friend to run to. He understands the situation. And I respect his space with his girlfriend. It was sad at first because we thought our friendship was over, but we realized it was just our lives that changed, and our friendship is still the same, and is still growing.

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      I wish my girlfriend wa smor elike you. its not so bad when her other guy friends have g/f's. but when they are single, and leave comments on her FB like " I want to take you bowling and tell everyone how hott my date is". kinda pisses me off, and then I'm the bad guy for being controlling, like wtf, all I said was itbothered me and hoped that maybe she would react like you did and not want to see him out of respect for me.. instead she says I'm telling her whop she can and can't see.. WTF!