Girls with mostly guy friends?

How does this happen? Why don't they date any of them... or did they?


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  • When I was single, most of my friends were guys. I had girl friends too, but I hung out with the guys more. They were all like big brothers to me. And I had more fun around them. Guys are more simple, and they don't start drama. I never hooked up with any of them, or dated any, but after awhile of hanging out and becoming close, some have fallen for me, which then made things really complicated. And which kinda ruined the friendship. Not just between me and the guy, but for the whole group. I know, it's stupid, but it happens, and it's happened to me a lot.

    Now that I have a boyfriend, I've quit hanging out with guys (well the group kinda drifted apart anyway). I do it because I don't want to cause any more problems, and because I know it bothers my boyfriend -- he doesn't believe that a guy can be bestfriends with a girl without falling for her some day.

    I do have a male bestfriend, whom I've known for a couple of years now. We are like brother sister. We used to hang out everyday, and talk alot, but since I started dating, we've lessen the hanging out, etc, but we are still there for each other when we both need someone to talk to or a true friend to run to. He understands the situation. And I respect his space with his girlfriend. It was sad at first because we thought our friendship was over, but we realized it was just our lives that changed, and our friendship is still the same, and is still growing.

    • I wish my girlfriend wa smor elike you. its not so bad when her other guy friends have g/f's. but when they are single, and leave comments on her FB like " I want to take you bowling and tell everyone how hott my date is". kinda pisses me off, and then I'm the bad guy for being controlling, like wtf, all I said was itbothered me and hoped that maybe she would react like you did and not want to see him out of respect for me.. instead she says I'm telling her whop she can and can't see.. WTF!

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  • Well, guys tend to be less dramatic with things. You can be yourself around them more. I myself have tons of guy friends. I don't date them though. I try to stay away from dating guy friends. Girls can tend to be a bit more dramatic, and can judge easily.

  • I get along better with guys than I do with girls. It seems easier to talk to guys and just hang out, less drama. I personally haven't dated any of my guy friends, and probably wouldn't. Keep it simple.

  • With me I did date some of them and the others I may have hooked up with once a long time ago. There are some that are strictly friends and nothing more. So personally, my guy friends are made up of all types of relationships. I just like guys better than girls.

    • So why do you keep them around? Do you like being around men? What would you expect your ideal man to think of all your guy friends?

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    • I have come to realize I am more attracted to women who have mostly guy friends... I mean I don't know it at first but when I get to know them, I realize ok another girl with mostly guy friends. I just don't know if these girls have a track record of dating guys and then dumping them in the friend zone. Trying to avoid that one. lol

    • I'd like to think I have a track record of getting along so well with my exes that if it doesn't work out between us we can still be friends.

  • i think guys are just more chill. I feel just as comfortable chilling with the guys as I do hanging with the girls. but guy friends have different qualities than girls so I like to have both around. here at college most of my friends are girls, but back home, I hang with my boys because they're more down to earth and it lets me get away from all the drama that come with girls and college.

  • Guys can be easier to read, and easier to deal with. They a more straight forward, and less of them play silly girl games, though I've met a few who have. I like people who say what's on thier mind, for the most part.

    Plus guys can be less uptight. And less stuck up. and as a female, there is none of that natural competitiveness that can be found within each gender. I dunno... generalizations, but it just seems that way to me through experience.

    I never have, and never would date a guy friend.There's a boundary crossed and there's no going back.

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  • A girl with virtually all guy friends rings attention whore alarms in my head. She's probably not an idiot and knows that many of them are just trying to (or previously tried to) work it from the inside. If, in spite of all this, she still keeps them all around and doesn't have many girl friends...attention whore seems a likely answer.

    She may have very well have dated some. Attention whores are awesome at getting guys...they just don't know how to keep them (since they adopt whatever standards/personality of the guy they're dating).

    She may also just be incredibly guy-like in her communication modes and interests. Even then, many other guys will probably still be more guy-ish and make more compatible friends for other guys.

  • its pretty to easy understand how it happens considering girls don't easily get along with each other like guys do with other guys.

  • Some of the guys they get validation from, some they might be having sex with, others may fill an emotional void, etc. Different guys for different needs. Beware women that have mostly or all guy friends. There are definite trends and red flags with those kinds of women.

    And the wild part, they all say the same thing...that they're just friends, that the guys don't think of them that way (being attracted), blah blah blah. We all know guys that are friends with hot women will bang them in a heartbeat if ever presented the opportunity. With that kind of threat being held over your head why put yourself through that kind of grief?

    • You're treading on thin ice there haha. Some of the most modest, considerate and genuine girls find all or most of their friends to be guys. I have a few more guy friends partially because of horrible experiences with girl friends. What red flags do you see?

    • Personally, I've found that much of the "niceness" and "consideration" I see (from guys and girls alike) is only done to get something back in return, whether it be attention, validation, or a quid-pro-quo expectation.

      That orbiter link summarizes a number of unabashed agendas of both guys and girls. A girl that knowingly keeps around a bunch of guys with agendas is at fault herself for those decisions.

  • I know a lot of girls who have mostly guy friends because they say "Girls are all bitches. Any girl friends I've had just were too much drama." I actually know a lot of girls who avoid being friends with girls except in special cases.

    • Because the girls don't feed their ego, take them to dinner, give them a shoulder to cry on, etc. Basically girls don't take shit, but often all their guy friends worship the ground they walk on. Of course they'll say the girls are catty and would rather be friends with guys.

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    • @Nutz76.

      I agree.

    • @Nutz76:

      My guy friends don't worship the ground I walk on, or take me to dinner, or things like that. I just can relate to them better because I'm not interested in clothes and hairstyles and shopping as much as other girls are.

  • From the girls that I know that are like that, it's basically they say they can't stand all the drama of the girls. We don't stat drama.

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