I feel so hopelessly average and seems like I'll never get a boyfriend?

I am an average looking (or so it seems) 23 year old girl. I have my share of problems- I suffer from anxiety and a bit of depression and hate going out. I have difficulty making friends and really don't have any acquaintances in college. Never had a real boyfriend and am a virgin. Day in and... Show More

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  • Don't put yourself down, find yourself. Have you ever heard of the placebo affect? happy energy draws people in, emrace yourself, do what you enjoy and makes you happy without caring what others think. You are you and not everyone will love you but the ones that like you will respect you for who you are.

    Seriously, just find things that interest you and make you feel good. Don't worry about the small things now, having a boyfriend may not be the best thing for you right now. Acheive a much as you can now and don't worry about this now. All of Gods children are beautiful, don't think different :P

    • no offense, but your last sentence is a little bit too cliched :p