Do you still beleive that ladies should go first?

You know the 'ladies first' saying. Do you feel that should still be in use today?

please say why you think so or not


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  • Yes, but only if if they agree to return the favor.

    In other words if women still want to be entitled to special treatment such as this, then they shouldn't also expect full equality in terms of societal standards. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Otherwise you're basically being treated as the superior gender with men as your slaves.

    Not that I fully believe in this view or in these exact roles, but just to give you an example of how balance would be between genders, I'll go back in time.

    In the 50's the woman got special treatment from her man. Got to go first, gave her his jacket when cold, pulled her seat out for her, gave her money for things, provided a roof over her head, protected her. In return, the women cooked for him, made sure he was sexually satisfied, cleaned the house for him, raised his children. In other words, since we each have our own set of strengths dictated by biology lets use that to scratch each others backs.

    In the further past. Women didn't have to go to war, they didn't have to work, they didn't have to build, etc. but in return men were given extra rights, only men could serve in politics, men had private clubs, only men could vote. In other words, men were the work horses who provided for and protected the women and children and as a result we got extra privileges for our sacrifice. Extreme example I know, but I'm just trying to give you a ruff idea of what I'm talking about in terms of balance.

    I have don't problem with chivalry and treating women with equal respect, but I feel like today many (not all) women don't feel obligated to return the favor or at the very least appreciate such behavior from men. They just want to free load off men, and manipulate their new found freedom and power to get what they want. They want what men have without the same sacrifices. "I'm a women so you're supposed to do and give me things". If you want the same job opportunities, the same pay, the same sexual freedoms, the same legal rights, etc. that's fine, just you better be prepared to enlist for the draft, work the same hours we do with no maternity leave, work the same labor intensive jobs we do, give your money to us when we need it like we do, open doors for us when we need it, take US on a date on occasion, and start doing many of the other things that are still currently a bit one sided in my opinion.

    Again not all women are like this, but the population of women who just feel entitled to such special treatment without making any sacrifices or showing appreciation for it, is growing at a staggering rate. Don't expect me to do things for you and love you if you won't do the same back because you feel you are simply entitled to my love and sacrifice soly because you are women. If I'm not the king, then you are not the queen.


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  • Yes! I still like those classic gentleman manners and it makes me even more in love with him <3

  • Not that bothered, whoever gets to the door first should hold it open for the coming behind them, male or female. It's just good manners.

  • I think whoever wants to go first should let the other person who wants to go first, go first.

    Just out of respect whether they be of the testosterone variety or full of estrogen.

    Lol I always see the phrase come up as a joke - like if a mixed group has to do something hard or dangerous - guys are like " Ladies first :D"

    Heh heh. Witty.

  • I feel like a fascist every time I express my opinion on this :p

    Long story short: no, I don't. I mean, don't slam the freaking door in her face but if you're in front of someone its a ton easier to walk in and just hold it open as you go by and they can handle it from there.

  • No, because it doesn't make any sense to my feminist brain :P There's not really any reason for people to do it.

  • sometimes. it depends. I open the doors for men. well, usually, I walk in first and then I hold the door. ha ha :D

  • yes

    • Why?

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    • Not every. Sex yes

    • Well that's what I meant. do you believe ladies should always go first outside of sex?

  • No it's really not important - it's an old custom. But I think sometimes it's nice when guys act in that "traditional" manner, be a gentleman and everything. It's really sweet and refreshing!

  • Yeah, but if you're staying true to that idea, then there are a lot of disgusting, bitchy females who are far from ladies who should never be going first. Just sayin!

  • I really don't see why a stranger should hold the door for anyone. Only one I expect to hold the door for me is my man and vice versa.

  • No, Not a big deal really.

  • Well I think I'm a woman capable of open my door or help with you when we go out (with the money), I don't expect flowers nor celebrate a lot of dates. Because I want more than ¨*that*, I want that you don't think I'm only for being in the kitchen or wash your clothes, nor that you feel like you *own* me...

    Some guy told me once: chivalry is only hidden sexism.

  • I love chivalry but I think equality should also be put into effect. I really do wish guys would bring back the gentlemanly behavior though because I am tired of meeting Dbag after Dbag.

  • Yes . Because men enjoy watching a woman's derrière Walking away

  • I think it's ironic how women have fought for equal rights but still expect to have the door held open, go first, etc.


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  • As in hold the door for a girlfriend? Yeah, I generally hold the door for all women close to me, though they do it from time to time for me as well. It feels weird watching them stand before a towering door when they are small though. Like I can hold it with one finger with ease and they are putting real effort into it sometimes hahaha. =P It can be cute I suppose when they do it sometimes...

  • Yeah, I always hold doors for the ladies, and if the Titanic were to happen today, I would still say that women and children should be saved first. I feel that it is a man's duty to be a protector.

  • Sure why not? Its fun, to use jokewise.

  • whoever wants to go first should go first

  • Sure. Why not.

    • Why

    • Because it doesn't make a difference to me one way or the other.

    • I guess I was just raised that way. At this point, I'd feel guilty for purposely not holding a door or something.