Why do most girls think fake-looking is attractive?

So I've noticed that many girls have and, therefore, think the fake look is attractive. I'm talking about fake orange tans, bleached-blond hair, and lots of make-up especially too much black eyeliner. And of course some go to the extremes and get fake boobs and other plastic surgery. But why? I know that most guys think that that's very unattractive and make fun of it and so do I, usually with them.

my point is not to put others down or to judge but instead question why certain girls think whatever is fake-looking is attractive.
If you want to know more what I'm talking about: link

what is she thinking?! her hair even looks like it glows in the dark!
I think I've found the conclusion to my question: some girls change their appearance so much because they're insecure about how they unnaturally look and maybe also because of the media & society...but little do they know many others find it unattractive.
disregard that link to that girl's MySpace because what she looks like in her newest default picture is waaay different and better than what she did before.


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  • i have noooo idea! its so tacky! I think they think its attractive and don't realize what the big picture looks like. The probably think that by idealizing each feature (ex: fake tanning the pale skin) the whole picture is pretty. but its not...they end up looking like those chicks on Rock of Love or something! I feel bad for them because they look kind of cheap and worthless when they probably spent a lot of time trying to make themselves look that way and are really insecure to begin with.

    • I totally agree and thanks for answering!

      btw you're really pretty, which proves once again that girls can be pretty even with having light skin and dark hair...versus orange/tan skin and super blonde hair.

    • Thanks so much! :) same to you!

    • Wow I totally agree lol.

      the least makeup, the better in my opinion

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  • honestly I think its just a fantasy... most men want to sleep with a bleached blonde bimbo. That being said, most girls get more attention when they look that way. And for some girls that is the only way they will get attention. From experience... once I had the beached blonde bimbo fantasy it gets a little old and boring. I realized that all these young girls look the same and they do it for the attention.

    Nothing less attractive than an insecure girl who tries to mask who she really is.

    • Where did you find that link? lol Did that girl piss you off or something? I bet her next profile picture will be one of the following:

      1. her doing a kissy face.

      2. her pushing her cleavage together.

      3. her and a bottle of jack daniels.

    • Lol she's apparently a friend of a friend and I might have seen her at a show but we've never even met. I didn't post that link because of anything against that girl - for I do not know her - but instead of what she makes herself look like.

  • I think a lot of it has to do with Western Society - look at all the images we see that "tell" us what pretty is...they are unattainable - most modelling pictures or billboard/ad pictures have been retouched to the point that if you put a real picture of the model next to the ad you wouldn't know they are the same person.

    So girls/women are trying to attain the impossible and guys are being taught that some fake beauty is what its all about.

    Other societies don't have it any better, they either cover everything up or require some other extreme thing to focus on.

  • Its the media's fault honestly. I used to think women are stupid for falling for it... But now I understand it. Its hard to resist the brainwashing. Guys buy into their brainwashing too. Guys get obsessed with getting abs, fast cars and hair gels...

  • What "fakeness" communicates to a man is twofold: 1. That she seeks attention from other women who will envy her and from superficial men that want flings. 2. That she lacks self assurance and lacks self confidence but is willing to do whatever to please a potential suitor. I prefer natural looking woman anyday !

  • Personally, If I'm given the choice between a "chatelaine certified perfect" woman, and a chubby "girl next door" who hasn't a spot of makeup, and is all "factory original", I'll take the "girl next door" type every time. Why? She's on my level, and deep enough to see beyond the appearance.

    (Plus, I think chubby women are cute)


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  • You can't control people or force them to look how you feel they should look. For all you know, someone is mocking you because you don't fit into thier ideal of thin enough or trendy enough or what have you. And it shouldnt mattter...because you are not someones puppet to exist only as they please you to be...and alongside that..no one is your puppet to exist only as you please for them to be.

    It makes sense to stop paying attention to what other people are doing, and putting so much effort into making people fit into our personal ideals or spend valuable personal time on them by deciding what other people should do and teasing and mocking them for not fitting into your personal idea...and instead enjoy a higher quality of life by simply doing what you feel is best for you personally.

    • My point is not that I mock or judge those girls but instead wonder WHY they make themselves look so fake.

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    • I love how I don't do that much either - some make-up and sometimes straighten my hair and dye my hair dark but that's about it - and usually I assume that's partly why I've been recently getting attention from guys and get told that I'm cute. I'm just wondering why certain girls think that lots of eye make-up, fake tans, bleached blonde hair, extensions, etc. is attractive.

    • My answer is the same... they may think they are attractive because they feel attractive..and the person whose opinion matters most to them probably think they are attractive too.

  • I think it isn't right, it's insecure and drone-like. Don't blame them as much as society, and the people that incourage them to disregard their natural beauty for that crap.

  • i don't think most girls think it's just that well, like sometimes I have a bad night where I don't sleep lots and I know I don't look that great, I'll use make up to look better.

    i don't have bleach blond hair, I have brown with highlights

    i've never tanned in my life, but I'm naturally a little beige/ pale

    but yeah I know what you mean. when everyone looks the same , it isn't beauty, it just isn't unique

    • Ya I understand that make-up can be used to make someone to look a whole lot better - I use it a myself, but I believe that there is such thing as too much of it and that's what I see on plenty of girls. And I also agree with the rest of your answer.

  • I think society and the media is partially to blame...

    • yep that's true! I guess I've concluded that because females see lots of other females, especially the celebrity ones, have all this fake stuff like dark make up on them that most of them think that's the way they're supposed to look to supposedly look more attractive too.

  • Well, the orange tans just means they've tanned too much (either from the beds, or from sprays.) I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but "tanorexia" (obsession with tanning) is becoming an honest to goodness problem. I used to be like that (except I became unnaturally brown, not orange).

    The girls who are guilty of all these excessives are honestly insecure with how they really look. You'll never see them without their makeup, and they hate how they look pale (which, most girls who tan are naturally paler).

    But if you think about it, men read playboy. Playboy bunnies are what? Tanned, large breasted, and bleach blonde. Any girl who feels the slightest insecurity about herself and her body would be tempted to do any (or in some cases, all) of these things to themselves. It's sad, and I wish the media would back off.

    • You're right! I just don't see how orange is better looking than white or beige and bleached blonde hair is better looking than darker hair.

      and I just came along this girl's myspace today http://www.myspace.com/asiansupertoilet - I might have even seen her at a show before - and wonder what is she thinking?! Her hair even looks like it glows in the dark!

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