Why do most girls think fake-looking is attractive?

So I've noticed that many girls have and, therefore, think the fake look is attractive. I'm talking about fake orange tans, bleached-blond hair, and lots of make-up especially too much black eyeliner. And of course some go to the extremes and get fake boobs and other plastic surgery. But why? I know that most guys think that that's very unattractive and make fun of it and so do I, usually with them.

my point is not to put others down or to judge but instead question why certain girls think whatever is fake-looking is attractive.
If you want to know more what I'm talking about: link

what is she thinking?! her hair even looks like it glows in the dark!
I think I've found the conclusion to my question: some girls change their appearance so much because they're insecure about how they unnaturally look and maybe also because of the media & society...but little do they know many others find it unattractive.
disregard that link to that girl's MySpace because what she looks like in her newest default picture is waaay different and better than what she did before.


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  • i have noooo idea! its so tacky! I think they think its attractive and don't realize what the big picture looks like. The probably think that by idealizing each feature (ex: fake tanning the pale skin) the whole picture is pretty. but its not...they end up looking like those chicks on Rock of Love or something! I feel bad for them because they look kind of cheap and worthless when they probably spent a lot of time trying to make themselves look that way and are really insecure to begin with.

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      I totally agree and thanks for answering!

      btw you're really pretty, which proves once again that girls can be pretty even with having light skin and dark hair...versus orange/tan skin and super blonde hair.

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      Thanks so much! :) same to you!

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      Wow I totally agree lol.

      the least makeup, the better in my opinion