I really want to impress my boyfriend... help!

i know that probably sounds weird but I know he loves me and everything but I just don't want him to think any other girls are hotter or prettier than me and I worry about that so much. Any advice on how I can make myself look hotter? I can't really do anything that involves spending a lot of money because I'm pretty broke right now but I need some advice or tips on how I can look sexier/hotter/prettier please comment. thanks =]


Most Helpful Girl

  • You need to stop worring. You do not need to do anything to impress your boyfriend and if he expects you to do this then he is not a good boyfriend. Just be your self and wear clothes which make you feel good and comftable about your self. Don't over do it on the make up or wear riduclously low cut tops which look slutty.

    If he really likes you and cares about you then he should like you for who you are and respect you for being you. If he does not then he is not a nice boyfriend and you are better off with out him.