I really want to impress my boyfriend... help!

i know that probably sounds weird but I know he loves me and everything but I just don't want him to think any other girls are hotter or prettier than me and I worry about that so much. Any advice on how I can make myself look hotter? I can't really do anything that involves spending a lot of money because I'm pretty broke right now but I need some advice or tips on how I can look sexier/hotter/prettier please comment. thanks =]


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  • You need to stop worring. You do not need to do anything to impress your boyfriend and if he expects you to do this then he is not a good boyfriend. Just be your self and wear clothes which make you feel good and comftable about your self. Don't over do it on the make up or wear riduclously low cut tops which look slutty.

    If he really likes you and cares about you then he should like you for who you are and respect you for being you. If he does not then he is not a nice boyfriend and you are better off with out him.

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  • You might not want to hear this, but it's not necessarily the hot girls that are keepers, but the good girlfriends.

    So bathe regularly and comb your hair, fine. But more importantly, be kind, fun, forgiving, and a good listener.

  • IF he's a man he will love you for who you are, you don't have to dress prtty or do anything special becasue you can be yoursefl and he will love you for that :)

  • a hun omg your very pretty and I think you just be who you are he's a man hun he will look at girls in short skirt that it but he wil not think omg she hoter dan you are it just how it is hun they can't help it and that's y short sexy clothes are for but hun if he love you he love you for who you are and if he don't well you don't need him hope this helps you sweete xxxxx


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  • I think you shouldn't be too much worries on that because from questions and answers that I read at this site from guys' view on girls are mostly they attracted to traditional girl, natural look (with light make up), modest dressing, decent character, good self-esteem, personality and not trying work hard to get their attention. Umm I think so? ha! I think self-esteem suits your current problem, just be happy and confident to yourself, yeah sounds like cliche but I think the more you worry about if he thinking other girls are hotter, the more you look less attractive to him.

  • he likes you for you so just keep doing that