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Why am I always second best?

I'm a 20 yr. Old virgin that have not had any luck with the guys. It seem to me I always get put on the back burner. I don't understand I'm... Show More

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  • Maybe they can sense your low self esteem and take advantage of it. Guys are less likely to treat you like that when you carry yourself respect and don't put up with less than you deserve. Even if a guy does something bad 1 time, don't just let it slide, address the situation and stand your ground. If you don't I've learned that they will take an inch and run a mile with it. Guys decide very early how they will treat you. Being pretty, funny, smart, etc. doesn't matter to guys who only care about sex anyway.

    • Thank's for the advice. I need to be more aggressive more.Honestly I be scared to put my foot down risking I can lose friendship with these guys.

    • Oh don't be. I've found that by putting your foot down people will respect and like you MORE. Guys can tell if you are too submissive and while it's something they take advantage of, they don't really respect it. You might get tested on certain things just to see how far you'll actually go (in general) but if that person means well they won't stop being friends with you just because you won't let them run all over you. :)

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  • First off, don't think in terms of, 'becoming a better me'. Why don't guys take you seriously? You're probably doing something that's putting you on the backburner, you need to ask your friends and even strangers what that might be.

    • That's what I'm doing.

    • The strangers need to be asked IN person.

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