Should women show less emotion?

since many men feel that it is "weak" to show emotion, would it be better if women showed less emotions as well? do men wish that their girlfriends/wives would hide their emotions instead of talking to them about how they feel? would this make women seem "stronger" and not as "weak"?


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  • The question isn't about weak and strong as so much its about the volume of weak vs. the volume of strong. Men by nature are problem solving creatures. Yes, even ignoring feelings is a form of solving (albeit not a great choice). Women, by nature, share their problems, wanting ro be understood and heard. Solving is secondary. There lies the issue!

    Most men like "low-maintenence" women because they achieve higher rates of self-problem solving than the "HIGH" women. As for emotions not related to problems, this theory kind of works. Overly (or dramatic in some circles) emotional women get tuned out the longer they remain this way. Men aren't interested in things that have no end point! That is there life in a nut shell. We take roads to get places, not to just drive. We buy things we need, not go two hours to look at things we may or may not get (unless its related to major purchases:car, house, etc.) We need wood to build fires, not talk about how cold it is and the ramifications of being cold!

    That is your answer. Be emotional. Share some feelings. We understand. Just have a game plan to solve the issue or find a girlfriend who has the patience to just listen. We aren't built nor do we WANT to be built to absorb your feelings like a sponge. We don't even do it to ourselves! LOL

    Hope that helps..

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      It is helpful thank you :) although perhaps not in the way you meant it to be lol. it seems to me like it is best to keep emotions to oneself when talking to men, even a boyfriend, and save them for people who will understand and accept them such as female friends.