MEN: Why do you say purposefully hurtful and untrue things when mad?

Girls do this too but I want the guy perspective. I've realized that a lot of guys get mad and say really offensive things that they themselves later say they don't mean. Why? Why do guys try to purposefully hurt their gf/SO as their primary means of gaining dominance in the argument? Examples I've personally heard or have heard of: "I don't love you!" "I cheated on you!" "You're loose!" "I hope you die!" "Whale!" When answering, please make the assumption that the things being said are really untrue and the guy is just acting irrationally when angry. Why do this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Generally, only people with anger issues tend to say extremely hateful things when they're angry. Normal people can say meanish things, but I've found that only people who are immature, selfish and unable to regulate their rage tend to really attack the way you describe. It's the verbal equivalent of hitting someone instead of walking away -- they mean to hurt, out of spite and because the're pissed they can't control the other person. There's a HUGE difference between saying, "You've really pissed me off!" or "You've made me really angry!" or even "You're being an a**hole/bitch!" and saying "I hope you die!"