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Do you find it sexy if a girl works out?

If a girl told you she had to go workout or something would you think that was sexy?

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  • I find it sexy if a girl works out...i don't see any cons out of it (unless she was taking steroids to get more muscular than me). :)

  • Not the act in and of itself. The fact that there's better odds she'll remain in good shape in the future is fairly comforting, though I don't exactly enjoy the notion of working out...so hard to say. But to answer your question, no I wouldn't be aroused simply by a woman working out.

  • Oh heck yeah I would! Trying to get my wife to go more often to the gym with me. She's not fat mind you, but there are other benefits to working out besides weight loss.

  • Yes. I love women who are into fitness and athletic. But I mean, everything is so subjective. What is sexy to one person, may not be to another.

  • girls in work out gear look hot as hell

  • sorta kinda, when women are working out I tend to leave them alone as they are busy, plus I don't like odors :L

  • I believe everything that one does to improve him/herself is sexy. That doesn't mean being bad isn't :P

  • yesssssssssssssssss fit girls are hot

  • Well love the thought of a well toned woman massaging me, and as for a nice set of calf muscles, and a nice shaped back, not OTT just toned. love it.

  • Depends if you go to coed gym, most of the girls that have both men and women are usually attention seekers, I do not find girls that starve for male attention attractive at all

  • Yes it is very sexy because it shows dedication which is sexy and that the girl is active and not some lazy slob.

  • Not particularly, but that's just me. If a guy was into working out or running, it might be cool to link up with a girl who was the same.

    I would prefer a woman who spends the time hanging out with me rather than pumping iron. Just my two cents, I know this is not what others probably feel...

  • a great body wearing tight shorts a sports bra and all sweaty. How can that not be sexy

  • It is not a bad thing..not a real turn on though...

  • I have no issues with a girl works out:) I find them very hot when working out when they get very sweaty:) Even though I never been to a gym before, but I do find it very attractive, So yes:)

  • Depends on the girl.

    -Women that starve themselves tend to live unhappy lives, making them less attractive.

    -Women that exercise regularly tend to live more happy lives, making them much more attractive.

    -If I see her comment as an explanation as to "why" she looks good, then yes it's a big turn on.

    -If I see it as her way of saying "I don't look good enough" then it is not a turn on at all.

    • Although, tbh, it's usually pretty easy to tell when a girl does work out.

      I'll just go ahead and say "yes" then, so long as it's on the regular and obviously so.

  • yes, very sexy. I love athletic girls... especially sweaty athletic girls ;)

    • Nice pic/ name. Really actual.

    • thanks, I think so too.

  • its nice when they do :)

  • I do not necessarily think it would be sexy, but I would like that she stays inshape and tone, so that would make her sexy.

  • It's not sexy to work out, but the results of working out can be sexy.

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