So girls, if you call a guy "the most annoying person you know" and yet you still try to get his attention?

What is your deal? This girl keeps calling me that and when I stop talking, she gets mad and calls me dramatic and tells me that even when I'm quiet I'm annoying. I don't think I am, because nobody has ever told me that, but she says that people are just being nice to me and she is telling it like it is. If I'm annoying, why does she get mad?


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  • Why are people giving this guy false advice? It sounds as if she doesn't like him at all, and we are only getting part of the story. If she could reply and give her side, I wonder what she'd say...I don't know WHY she doesn't like you, but it's clear that she doesn't. Don't engage her but if she says something disrespectful to you tell her to shut the f*** up and don't address you again. Handle that sh*t and stop letting her punk you all the time.

    • I've told her that and I feel bad at the end because we are KIND OF friends, I mean, we talk all the time and playfully tease each other but she keeps talking crap. I have made it pretty clear that I can just stop talking to her, but she wants me to talk to her and NOT be annoying and seriously, I don't think I can do that, I am who I am. If I'm quiet, I'm being a jerk and rude to her and if I talk, I'm being annoying. So yes, I am trying to fix the problem, but she wants a solution I can't give.

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  • well if she acts flirty around you then she's probably just trying to act like she doesn't like you so she can see how you react to it.

  • She likes you in her own twisted way. She LIKES you.

  • Sometimes when girls have low self esteem, we just like the attention because it makes us feel good. So yeah, that's why.


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  • This would annoy the sh*t out of me. I would have no problem cutting ties with this girl at all. It says you're aged "25 - 29" why are you still dealing with this bullsh*t? This girl sounds immensely immature and quite frankly not worth ANYONE'S time.

  • Same concept of why people think Obama is such a great President even though he's done nothing.

    • haha yess!

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