Anyone else suffer from a bad depression?

Every year, Around my birthday and the holidays I get really depressed. Anyone else experiencing this or similar stuff?


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  • I do. I go threw really bad stages too. I'll be depressed for 1-6 months then be happy. It really really sucks feeling empty. There's always a bright day ahead though

    Like 2pac said for every dark day there's a brighter day

    • Dark night *

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    • I was just signing my name

      Not calling you that lol

    • oh lol I thought you were asking if my name's victoria lol my bad

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  • It's very common to be depressed during the winter months, and especially around the holidays, when the stress is multiplied exponentially and loneliness is emphasized. I think everyone feels it, to a degree.

  • I've suffered from depression my whole life, one moment I'm happy then something small happens and suddenly I'm ready to jump off a cliff or I can't stop crying. Most of the time its just me lying in bed staring at a wall. It's gotten better since I started taking pills for it. But somedays it still hits. I've been suffering with it since I was like 5 years old.

    • that sucks, I'm sorry to hear thaat

  • Yes whenever I sit in my room I start thinking about a lot of things, but sometimes we have to remember we have it better than others. (: Currently studying to be.a psychologist

  • I think at one stage in everyones life, Everyone suffers from deppression. My friend was murdered on my 18th birthday.

    you either get treated for it or you learn to cope with it.

    • my friend got hit by a car in front of me two months after he moved in with his dad in arizona

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    • Aww, well they shouldn't be taking it out on you though, well you was probabbly in a state of panic.

    • yea

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  • I suffer a horrible depression. Been suffering ever since I was a little kid. Don't know what can change it to be honest.

    • well that's terrible, Do you know what its from?

  • Yeah. It's the holiday season, and I've lost my aunt and two dogs within a 36-hour time frame just last month. I've just found myself a distraction, something constructive to do to take my mind off of things. While it doesn't erase what happened, it helps anyway.

    • that sucks I'm sorry to hear about tht

    • Thanks man