Do most guys shave their backs?

Met a guy... dated him a while... he shaves his back... like really shaves it. Then he gets these terrible in grown hairs. His back is SO scarred from shaving so many times. Why does he bother?

I always tell him that hair doesn't bother me... but he does it anyway. The ingrown hairs are kind of gross and I know they must be painful... do most guys shave their backs regularly?

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  • No, most guys don't shave their backs.

    I do (try to) but for obvious reasons it is not very easy. Luckily, I'm not that hairy.

    Before a lot of girls start saying that it doesn't matter to them: it does. I've heard numerous girls say that they will tolerate any kind of hair as long as it is not a hairy back. Words like 'gross' and 'turn off', frquently being used.

    Be glad somebody makes an effort.

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      aww :(

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      awww that's sad. idk, I guess it's okay if he does it... I just feel bad he always has ingrown hairs. I mean, I'd rather he wasn't in pain... plus I think hair is kind of attractive on guys, idk.