Do most guys shave their backs?

Met a guy... dated him a while... he shaves his back... like really shaves it. Then he gets these terrible in grown hairs. His back is SO scarred from shaving so many times. Why does he bother?

I always tell him that hair doesn't bother me... but he does it anyway. The ingrown hairs are kind of gross and I know they must be painful... do most guys shave their backs regularly?

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  • No, most guys don't shave their backs.

    I do (try to) but for obvious reasons it is not very easy. Luckily, I'm not that hairy.

    Before a lot of girls start saying that it doesn't matter to them: it does. I've heard numerous girls say that they will tolerate any kind of hair as long as it is not a hairy back. Words like 'gross' and 'turn off', frquently being used.

    Be glad somebody makes an effort.

    • awww that's sad. idk, I guess it's okay if he does it... I just feel bad he always has ingrown hairs. I mean, I'd rather he wasn't in pain... plus I think hair is kind of attractive on guys, idk.

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  • Well its not his fault he has the werewolf syndrome lol. Some men can grow a fur if left alone.

    Tell him to use this stuff called Nair next time. He doesn't need to shave for Nair, Nair removes hair without shaving.

    • lol maybe I'll offer to wax it. he picks at his ingrown hairs and they bleed... it's so gross lol. I'd much rather have hair than than ingrown hairs and blood and scars

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    • He must be a circus clown for him to be able to rotate and pick his scabs on his back area haha.

    • oh he picks them on his head too. lol yeah I guess he has talent?

  • No, I have never seen the point in shaving my back, so I have never done it. But if suddenly I started to grow a lot of hair in my back, then it might be a different story, but I'd not go to lenghts to make me scar myself, I got enough of them already and besides getting scars from shaving yourself isn't exactly the kind of scars most men want.

    • I wonder if he knows he has them... I mean, his back is like spotted with scars... He doesn't really have acne anywhere else. Maybe they are old acne scars? idk, I'd really just prefer he didn't hurt himself for my own sake. I'm not THAT picky.

    • Well if you have told him that you don't mind, then I think he is doing it more for his own sence of vanity maybe, than anything else. But usually if you get scars then that would mean something penetrated deeper than the skin and usually you would feel that, at least that one unusual tingling sensation.

  • I've never shaved my back, or met a guy that did. Sounds kind of off to me. I shave the back of my neck to take off the peach fuzz after a hair cut, but that's as far as that goes.

    • lol yeah, I don't know maybe he's really self conscious about the hair on his back? I just feel bad because he has so many ingrown hairs... that he picks... and lets bleed. it's kind of... grosser than hair?

    • I'd guess that's it. People get insecure about the strangest things. Some people also have sort of a phobia when it comes to body hair. They shave it all off... hahaha Your uncomfortable reaction to it is funny, but totally understandable. I agree, having open wounds isn't all that attractive... Men are suppose to have some hair anyway.

    • hahaha yeah, I guess I just don't want him to think it's because I care... because he really does not reap the benefits of it haha. I guess if he didn't have SO many ingrown hairs that bled all the time I'd be more okay with it. I don't want him to be in pain.

  • I don't have ANY hair on my back (despite I started to have MAJOR facial hair since the age of 16) so it would be quite pointless to shave it.

  • To me, it sounds like he is trying to look sexy for you. But that is just my opinion.

    • oh definitely, well, or maybe he's just self conscious about hair idk.

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    • Be honest and come right out and ask him "honey, why do you shave your hair and cause pain to yourself?"

    • well, the picking scabs and letting them bleed relieves stress... the back shaving... idk. he doesn't like hair? I guess I can ask again. he's kind of closed off, it's hard.

  • lol


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  • Never met a guy who does.

    But then - never met a guy with a particularly hairy back either. So yeah - he wouldn't need to.

    Most girls don't like hairy backs. So that's probably why he does it - he's probably pretty conscious of it. Offer to wax it for him; or just suggest he gets it waxed if it bothers him, rather than shaving seen as it's not really working out that great for him, and must be a massive nuisance. I can't even begin to imagine where you'd start with shaving your own back lol.

    • I know! I doubt he'd have it waxed haha. he's kind of a manly man... although he said he'd take the massage from a pedicure lol.

  • I don't know any guy that does, of course I've never asked or seen many guys with their shirts off regularly. I'd personally rather the guy have a little back hair than have him going through the pain of the ingrown hairs. I have plenty of those down below, so I know how annoying they are.

    • Ick yeah, exactly. No idea why he continues it! I surely don't ask.

  • I have never known a guy who literally shaves his back. In the summer time, if I'm lucky, my guy will let me use the tweezers and get the few stray hairs that show up on the back of his neck and shoulders. But definitely not enough to make shaving worth it.

    If he's giving himself ingrown hairs and scarring himself, he is doing something very wrong? And how in the world does he shave his own back anyways?! Lol

    • yeah, I have no idea to all of these questions. I guess I'll let the guy do as he pleases... but I've told him over and over again he doesn't have to do that for me. It looks SO painful. oh and he picks at the ingrown hairs too. gross... that might gross me out more than the hair itself.

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    • I think it has to be like 1/4 of an inch before waxing will be effective. If it's too short, the wax won't be able to grab it.

    • oh huh. interesting. well I guess it's worth a shot lol

  • its about how he feels, not how you feel about it. if he feels more confident with a hair-free back, more power to him!

    • I guess so lol. poor guy. he always has ingrown hairs... and those are so icky and painful looking. I guess I just want him to know he doesn't have to do it for me.

  • I don't think most

  • Most guys don't have to shave their backs.

    I don't find back hair attractive, personally. Guys expect us to shave our legs, underarms and pubes, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Sounds like he might need some different techniques, though. I know a few guys who use hair removal lotion.

    • hm yeah, I should suggest that lol