Controlling men and their behaviors?

When in a relationship, why are some men so controlling and possessive? I mean, the girlfriend is loyal and have not cheated, why the need to act as if she is an object that belongs to you and you have to monitor her everyday actions? Someone please explain this to me.


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  • There are two types of men: those who like to BE in control, and those who are controlling.

    The ones who like to BE in control are the "top dog" type. They ask their girlfriends to do things for them (make them dinner, bring them a beer, report to the bedroom) and their girlfriends LOVE serving them. They also help steer their girlfriends in the right direction if she talks about making a poor decision (cutting her hair short, buying an annoying little Pomeranian dog, getting too drunk if she's a lightweight).

    The men who are controlling, however, are insecure cowards who are afraid of losing their girl. They probably do everything they can to try and please her on a superficial level, but they feel the need to monitor her whereabouts because they're paranoid that she's going to cheat on him.

    The first man is a leader - people respect leaders and value their guidance. The second man is... a hostage taker - he takes people prisoner to gain power.

    The second man is an energy vampire who feeds on emotional manipulation. The first man feeds on delicious meals that his woman cooks for him.

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      There are many more than two kinds of human beings with a penis.

      Also everyone in a relationship 'guides' their partner. And if someone wants a dog or a haircut,its not someone elses place to consider it a bad decision.

      guy #1 IS controlling and sounds insecure.

      being in control means of yourself and your decisions. not of other people. that's a warden.

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      lol toulouse... the most ironic thing about you is, for all your talk about not controlling others, YOU are probably one of the most controlling people to comment on this website. Anyone who doesn't subscribe to your extreme feminist views is fair game to you.

      When I give advice, I relate to men on a personal level. You, however, relate to an abstract ideal of human beings that has no basis in reality.