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What does putting X on text messages mean?

An older woman who is in her 40's who I've been seeing, started putting X at the end of her texts to me.She doesn't put this at the end of her messages to anyone else as her friends have conformed this for me.She started putting the X first.What does it mean to put that on?

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  • Well it could be like putting XOXO. X means the kiss and O means the hug, so maybe she's giving you little kisses

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  • An "X" usually stands for Kiss with the phrase "XOXO" where the X means kiss, and O means hugs. You say you are seeing her, does that mean your going out? If so then that's a sign she's interested :DIf your not seeing her, it could just be a very nice complement, and a sincere gesture... Kind of like a mother would kiss her son.