Does she like me?

A girl lives in my building and studies in a separate school , I hardly meet her in a month but whenever I meet , I catch her constantly staring at me , she talks to me with very long eye contact in an attentive way with a cute smile on her face. Once I gotta know that she has given me a nickname between her friends , it's just a normal name but she never discussed with me about the name. Recently I complimented her on fb and she replied with thanks , I then sent another message asking where was she but then she didn't reply .Please help girls , do you think she likes me?


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  • It could mean she likes you, or that's her way of being friendly. When you see her again, just say: hi how are you?

    And after a couple of times, you could say something like: hey, I see you around sometimes and I wondered if you would get some coffee with me to get to know each other?


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  • Could go both ways. She could be being nice or there could be more to it. I met my boyfriend through working as a cashier at my parents' grocery store - he was a regular and ended up asking me out. I liked him and before I found out his name I nicknamed him "tall guy" (because he's at least 6'4!) So if she's got nicknames for you that she uses with her friends that COULD be promising. Good luck!

  • Well..:P a smile and a stare never means she likes you.don't mind..but be patient.If you like her,proceed else don't.


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