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Does wanting to move to another country make you obsessed?

The fact that I like a country instead of my own make people think I'm obsessed in a way...I just want to move there to teach English and that's... Show More

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  • why would that make you obsessed? It means you're open to and excited about other experiences. I lived and taught English in thailand for a year. I fell in love with the culture, people, food, geography, etc. Doesn't mean I loved it more than America I just appreciated what Thailand had to offer.

    Go for the new experience and don't concern yourself that you are obsessed or delusional. It is OK to enjoy things outside of your native experience

What Guys Said 5

  • I would love to visit the UK, and it's perhaps my favorite country, second only to my own. But I'm not obsessed. It's not delusional, you're just infatuated.

  • Not at all. There's nothing wrong with that.

  • No it doesn't mean your obsessed. It's just something you're wanting to do, and a goal for you to work towards.

  • I wouldn't say you're obsessed/delusional.

    You like what you like lol.

What Girls Said 3

  • No! I'd say if someone wants to visit/travel/move to another country, they should have a genuine interest in the culture and language. It shouldn't be another case of an ignorant person going to another country with no desire to assimilate to some degree

    I think it's great that you want to do that. I've actually thought about that myself...I'm more of an English and History person and I'd really love to move to India or somewhere in South East Asia and teach English!

    I'd like to give them some chance at bettering themselves and becoming whatever it is they want to become

  • No not at all follow your dream =)

  • No not really, I'm one of the people who falls in love with different country and honestly a friend told me once in my face "If you can't even survive in your own country stop dreaming about surviving in other places" which was totally incorrect. I moved, to the country that I love, I'm here now, and trust me, never felt better, I guess it's not the country it's the people who surround you and matter of mentality. So do whatever you think is right for you. Having desire to migrate to another place doesn't really mean you don't love your country. I love my country but its the society mentality that makes me sick! And I do feel like rubbing the fact that I'm much happier here to her face now!

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