How do I get him to stop harassing me?

If a Woman tells her ex to stop isn't he supposed to stop? How can I tell my kid's father to quit harassing me? He grabs at me and tries to sneak kisses on me and I don't like it :(. I have no sexual interest towards him but he keeps trying to advance me. And its hard cause I live with him and he does have a temper to the point I call the police. I told him that I'm not into him but he keeps bugging me for any sexual activity.I gave him my body before but he degrades it and now that I'm in a friends with benefits he still thinks he can get my body :( please help


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  • Simple: you need to move out.

    You can't live under his roof, after being in a relationship with him, and expect him not to want the relationship to continue. If you want to be on your own, you need to be ON YOUR OWN.

    Even if he wasn't being physical with you, he's still going to make things difficult, because he wants the relationship to continue.

    You decided to end the relationship, for whatever reasons, but that action has consequences, and one of those consequences is that you can't live with him anymore.

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  • Call a friend and move in with them. Work an extra job at night if you have to save money.

  • "If a Woman tells her ex to stop isn't he supposed to stop?"

    No means no, end of story.

    Move out and get away from him. Remind him that his behavior is illegal and he doesn't want to end up on a sexual offenders list for the rest of his life.

    • PS, if you've had to call the police, he is not a "friend" with or without benefits. If you can't afford to move out, there are several organizations that can help. One of them is RAVEN that GaG supports. You need to get out of there.

  • Aw man, you have kids with him? Smh. Tough situation. Dude feels like you are still his "property". It's messed for sure, but you have kids with him so its hard to get him completely out of your life. I would be blunt. Like real, real blunt to the tune of: I'm not dealing you anymore. I have no feeling towards you at all. If he's violent call the cops...moral of the story: don't mess with lames.

  • You did put yourself in a position like that if you still live together. If you have called the cops before, it's a pretty clear sign it's not working...

  • Move out and take the kid with you.

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  • Move out?

  • Obviously move out! Why are you even asking this!

    This isn't a healthy relationship/household for your kids.

    He has a temper? Why the f*** do you want him around them?!

    My idiot parents stayed together for us for awhile but it was an absolute nightmare where I wanted them to split up! If you don't get along, you two being apart is actually better for your kids!

  • Leave!

  • You need to report him

  • Take the kids, and leave. they will understand when they are older. If the guy tries to harass you again, punch him. I'm not kidding. In fact, punch him right in the groin.

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