What happens during an exorcism?

I watch "Al Rojo Vivo" and "Al Extremo" and I've seen a few others online, including(well heard) the one of Anneliese Michel(which sounds horrific btw).

What physically happens to the person during an exorcism? Why do they scream and yell and shake? I don't get it...

I personally don't believe in God, heaven, hell or demons...

are these people mentally ill and an exorcism just causes them to react to whatever disorder they have?


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  • If you really want to know the truth of it all, buy and read "Hostage to the Devil" by Malachi Martin. You won't be able to put it down.

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    • Haha, thanks for the tip lol :P

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  • Soo...if I start rapping gibberish while dancing with no rhythm , am I possessed? if I crawl up a staircase while speaking Latin, is satan in me?

    I doubt a lot of things when it comes to religions but I respect all of them if it teaches people to be kind/decent individuals. I don't believe in exorcism, this religion thing gets way out sometimes.

    I think they do abuse mentally ill people , if this true , its really sad.

  • The case of Anneliese Michel, the one that The Exorcism of Emily Rose was based off of, was debunked long before it was made into a movie. The priest who the movie made to be the self-sacrificing hero of the story was, in reality, a very mentally deranged man who denied her food and water for days, and that was how she died. Least according to what I've read.

  • I believe they are mentally Ill. I also do not believe in the devil and demons (although love the mythology)

  • I think they might have a mental disorder and they themselves believe they are possessed so when they see a bible, cross or hear some verses they react accordingly

    Exorcisms happen all around the world and different religious people claim to see different things and those preachers all call on a different god to take the spirit out. my uncle was apparently possessed and a Hindu priest took it out of him(didn't help that he was on drugs, jobless and isolated himself from everybody)

  • Nothing happens.

    • Why do they scream then?

    • If I had an idiot above me preaching to me thinking he's helping me when he's actually being an a**hole, I'd be screaming to.

      This is an interesting case where one mentally impaired person is trying to treat another mentally impaired person. It really is funny! But then again so is society in general.

    • lol true

  • If someone had schizophrenia during the middle ages... it was torture.

  • Speaking as someone who has been on the exorcised side, I can say that it's very unnerving and frightening. I do believe in evil spirits (call me crazy), and I've personally had a run-in with one during my senior year of high school (and, no, I do not have a chemical imbalance or psychological problems. Never have).

    Take what you will from it, but here's my experience: I came home on a Wednesday evening after a really bad day at school on top of months of stress, discontentment with life, and family problems. I had had enough, so I went into the family livingroom to scream it out (Mom and Pop were not home at the time). Not long after I did, it felt like someone was pulling my face upwards toward the ceiling, then something went down my throat, and I immediately started dry-heaving. Next thing I know, I'm convulsing on the floor for an hour, screaming "Get out!" I did manage to call my parents somehow, and they rushed home from church along with my grandparents and the assistant pastor. Dad and Mom tried to pin me onto the ground to get me to calm down, and it was all Dad could do to hold me there (he's a 12 year veteran, for perspective, and I can barely lift 70 pounds). Mom prayed intensely for me, trying to exorcise the thing while my head thrashed from side to side like someone was making me motion "No! No!" Finally, after an episode of glossolalia from Mother, I felt something leave in a loud scream, and she vomited onto the floor. I was dazed once it was over, but I remember everything vividly, and the carpet smelled like half-digested bagel for weeks.

    Some individuals do indeed have chemical imbalances or brain issues (I have 2 mentally handicapped cousins), but the reason for people acting so crazy during an exoricsm isn't mental illness, it's something being pulled out of them that doesn't wish to leave.

  • I remember watching a show and from what I saw they usually put them in a trance state that makes them go all spastic and sh*t...

  • I was a specified witness in one because I am both a believer and a skeptic. What I saw was real, although I do not for sure whether it was mental illness or was the expulsion of a demon. In retrospect I believe possibly both, where the demon's attack manifested itself in symptoms that could be described as depression or bi-polar or "borderline personality disorder". I propose to the readers that mental illnesses without an identifier (Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, as examples) may sometimes be the mind/soul's inability to repel a demon attack.

    The presence of "evil powers and principalities" can do a lot toward explaining horrors from Nazi Germany to the Connecticut shooting. In the second, my sketchy readings about the gunman suggest his mother's bizarre environment and pampering may have opened him to demon possession. My "ex", a professing Christian has done exactly the same thing to my 16 year old son who lives in a fantasy world of computer games. I am glad she doesn't own weapons.

  • The mind is a powerful thing, and some people do believe they are possesed by some demon, and others believe that an exorcism will cure them, but all they do is create belief in the ill persons head, who then start to believe they are cured, but because church goers are simplyincapable to comprehend anything but what a priest tells them, they also believe in bad spirits and guidance from god, where normal people realize its individuality that gets us through life, not believing in god or demons, so an exorcism only shows what church goers want you to be scared of, and try and inact a series of abnormal events to try and convert non believers. The thing that happens is the warped mind goes haywire due to its belief of a deman, hence the reason for all the drama, but in truth, they are just warped individuals who have not quite been locked up yet,x

  • Nothing happens...it is an act

  • You know when you tell a little kid its a haunted house and they start freaking out and feeling the ghosts?

    Same thing. You can convince people to do pretty much anything.

  • Let's just say I am spiritual, but I am the see it to believe it type.

    When we are talking about exorcisms (not mental illness) there are demons inside someone tormenting them and draining them physically, if you've seen Emily rose how many times did she eat during the movie? Not that many, so I can imagine it is painful.

    While performing an exorcism they are casting out demons and thus the demons do not want to leave so you can imagine them latching on to that body like no other while we (in God's image) are casting them out which is why they scream and shake, holy water is like a weapon and so is the word of God (imagine that two simple yet harmless elements for us are brutal for them, shows you the power of God), and while using them you can assume it pains those demons.

    I personally don't like to dig into those realms either, I rather stick to realms of the mortals with God as my guide, do not mess with that stuff, I do think it's very real and I also know it is terrifying and draining both spiritually and physically, one had to be mentally strong and faithful.

    No creas todo lo que te diga los medios de comunicacion,

  • You wanna know what happens during exorcisms? People get ideas for crappy movies.

    Case and point, "The Haunted House".


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  • I think they are ill somehow.. and those who fake it are also mentally ill for faking such a crazy act.

  • I have no idea and I don't want to find out. I've lived in a haunted house before and I know what I seen with my own eyes and the neighbors and the rest of my family did too so I don't mess with that crap. I do know that anneliese michel created exorcism of emily rose