Girls can you sense if someone dangerous/ a sexual predator is near you?

I went to the mall with my friends today and we all got this awful feeling that a really scary person was by us. We felt extremely warm, the back of our necks tingled, the hair on our body stood up, we started looking around nervously, we felt sick to our stomach...etc. we sat down in starbucks and... Show More

TO EVERYONE SAYING IM BEING PREJUDICED OR LYING, LEAVE. I don't know any of you, and don't care what you think about me. I asked this question to gain insight from other GIRLS or helpful, non antagonizing guys. To all the guys who are being rude and sexist, STOP! Do you know what it even feels like to be raped/almost raped. Well I do so just stop. And all who are bringing up irrelevant topics, please stick to the question of whether or not you've ever had bad feelings or vibes about someone.

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  • Look, I'm not a super spiritual person. However, I've seen enough weird things to know that intuition counts for something. Follow your gut instinct. You have that feeling for a reason. Especially since you're a girl. Trust that feeling.

    • Thank you a sensible helpful answer.

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    • resone to panic...its a small world! a stadium fills 100,000 people

    • There's still a chance it could be you, me, or anyone.