How many people here have ever had a nightmare about Freddie Krueger?

I haven't seen Nightmare on Elm Street or any other movies of Wes Craven's Freddie Krueger, but suddenly, last week I had dreams about Freddie Krueger, one dream Freddie came to me and I kicked his, I woke up actually punching the air .

The second dream, I'm in a call center, telemarketing, and suddenly someone comes from a hallway and says Freddie is here. I know Freddie is after me and no one else so I try to make an escape, I run out of the call center, and can "feel" Freddie entering into the call center right when I leave, then I make it to the elevator and I'm trying to close the f.ucking door, but every time I try to, some steps into the elevator. I keep saying "stop, this elevator is f.ucking taken, the door needs to shut, but it won't if you people don't stop coming in here." I know that if the door stays open, Freddie will catch up to me and cut me up in the elevator, so I'm trying to, and I wake up before he has a chance to come to me.



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  • I did, recently actually. I only first saw the movie this past year though so yeah.

    I woke up one morning and decided to go back to sleep, and ended up having a nightmare with him in it, a bunch of people in a house and he was just slaughtering everybody... I hid in a closet and could still see everything going on and it was kind of stressful, lol.

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      1, 2 Freddie will come to your shower while you have your eyes closed because you are using shampoo, 3,4 he will leave your blood all over your floor, 5,6 out of all he people it was you he picked, 7,8 be prepared for a gruesome fate, 9,10 you won't be able to get help from a friend.