Did my ex boyfriend cheat online or physically?

In the 2 years we were together for my ex boyfriend always told me he didn't have and has never had female friends,he said he never told lies in his life..only white lies because they were harmless!he said he had never cheated on anyone in his life..because he didn't do things like that!when I asked him did he have Facebook he said he hadn't set it up..I didn't believe him so got a mate to check..there he was with his 72 female friends and recent activities included another added female contact,does this explain all his late night emails and why did he lie?


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  • Not sure if he cheated on you...but he lied to you... that would upset me if the situation was reversed or maybe he likes the confidence boost or something of having lots of female friends.. or maybe he flirts with some of them not saying he does maybe you mentioned something about late night emails?


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  • having Facebook isn't cheating. needs more proof besides that. having many female friends isn't cheating either.

    maybe you're over thinking this a bit.

  • Having a Facebook account and female friends added isn't cheating.

    If he is your ex boyfriend I suggest you move on and stop worrying about all of it, you will only make yourself unhappy if you go digging and find something.


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